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    Screen'd Like a Banshee (April 8, 2004)

    Very Cool pic, but where's the pilot??
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    Info Request (WCP)

    I actually sat there when I bumped the post (BTW, I checked the rules and it does not mention bumping posts) and you know what...I knew that someone would mention it. Incidentally Kris, bump posts are not useless, they get the topic back to the top where maybe someone could see it and help me...
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    Info Request (WCP)

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    WCP:SO advice

    A small bit of advice just to make it easier, at the start of the mission you have 2 Devil Rays targetting you immediately. Try to take one out as soon as possible (you can usually do this when boosting to the transports if your aim is good...takes a full drain on the guns though). The other...
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    Info Request (WCP)

    Yeah, that's the stuff I need Penguin, though for Prophecy, along with any other bits that might be useful :)
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    Info Request (WCP)

    I knew I should have said this in the original post but what the heck...I have looked at them all (CIC, TCE etc), unlike a lot of people, I actually do try to find things myself before asking :)...and no, they don't have what I need... I need the bits regarding who made/produced/designed the...
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    Info Request (WCP)

    Since I can no longer install WCP due to a corrupted Disk 2 (I've played the game that many times, I've broken it!!:)), can someone please supply me with either screenshots of all the ships in the Fighter Database or the information contained in them...(I need the info for something I've been...
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    Super Secret Thread 5,000!

    /me tries to think of something witty to say but can't because he is too drugged...(had 2 wisdom teeth out this morning:()
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    Capturing ships from the Nephilim

    Call me crazy, but I seem to recall blowing the crap outta that Kraken before it could fire on the Midway! I thought Finley was gonna have a heart attack because I left it so long :)
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    A discussion on the true nature of the Nephilim

    Something I found looking through the SO Online fiction the other day... I wonder what the bugs were up to out there!!?
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    Who was Lt. Jack Slayton? (SO Question)

    You just happened to be in a Devastator when they attacked. It was bad timing. If you forced to launch to defend the Midway (or any Carrier) from a fighter attack in a bomber, then you are already in deep shit cause all of your Superiority fighters must be dead!
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    Who was Lt. Jack Slayton? (SO Question)

    I thought Vanguard and Cantrell died during disk 2 (or even 3) after Maniac was promoted to Squadron Leader? (Course, I can't check anymore...grumble)
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    Who was Lt. Jack Slayton? (SO Question)

    I played once and got so many of the Black Widows killed the game booted me out saying something about minimum number of pilots reached (or some such thing).
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    Who was Lt. Jack Slayton? (SO Question)

    Reading through the SO online fiction I came across this... I was just curious as to who Lt. Jack Slayton was.