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    WC3 KS Version fix on XP

    I don't have any problems running WC1 and WC2 from Kilrathi Saga on Windows XP, except this: the music is stuttering in cutscenes like the Briefing. Could the superpatch fix this music issue? The opening post only tells something about keyboard lag, however I never felt any keyboard lag...
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    Kilrathi Saga sucks..(?)

    I disagree that DOSbox is a better alternative to play WC1&2 on Windows XP. Two reasons: If you have an older PC there will be some performance problems. (Don't laugh, it's true; emulation needs WAY more CPU power than native) Non-USB Joysticks don't work very well with DOSbox. Someone said...
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    Cap Ship Shields

    Okay.... the difference is because of different shields are used for capships and for fighters (at least since times of WC2, while WC1 the phase shields were not invented, so the weak "bubble" shields were also used for capships, same technology as fighters, just bigger and with more energy in...
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    Kilrathi Music

    The music of red october isn't just a bad guys theme... it's music with russian choirs, but sound's pretty amazing and not like "the music for the bad guys" but like music from russia and the same time music which sounds very good, it's kinda martial and very "warm"... You get a warm feeling...
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    Resolution Class Conceptual Design

    I would make the landing strip shorter and the "wings" bigger... and somehow fill the crazy "hole" between the back and middle part
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    Kilrathi Saga in Germany

    Hey guys, it seems as if the Kilrathi Saga package only came out in the US, since I don't find it on ebay and never heard about it until I began to look out for Wing Commander stuff on the Internet. I'm living in Germany and it seems that Kilrathi Saga was never sold here and I can't get it on...
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    WC Movie Finally at

    at least one "combat" scene is there in 2001, isn't it? :-)
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    WC Movie Finally at

    at least one "combat" scene is there, isn't it? :-)