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    Be prepared for LARGE fines and HARD time if your with me

    This isn't going to be a 'we told you so' post, but I think it worth noting that legitimate fears were raised by a number of users on this forum, several of whom were subjected to varying degrees of pressure to change their minds. We feared that making an arcade shooter out of WC would parody...
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    Kilrathi Design Ethos

    I'm not so certain about that. The needs of the Hakaga programme were consuming so many resources and critically transport assets of the Empire that the attacks were effective against the rest of the fleet. The false peace wasn't so much an act of neccessity as an expression of political will to...
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    Kilrathi Design Ethos

    Possibly different Ehtos from different parts of the Empire and/or different clans. I suppose each would have a slightly different clan doctrine for warfare and would design ships to take advantage of those traits and local materials to design slightly different fighters by area (or with...
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    Scimitar fans

    I have to say I enjoyed the Scim as well. Rapier and Hornet felt a bit too new, too fragile and too 'clean', if that makes any sense. The WC1 heavyweights felt like they had character and a lived in feel, even down to the gun and missile choices. You fought a Scim or Raptor rather than...
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    Moskva mission (ep.4)

    I think I managed to lose the Firekka on the revenge mission once - that would explain it, I was sure I'd nailed all the Gothri before she went down. Thanks!
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    Moskva mission (ep.4)

    Sirs, The first Hakaga went down gloriously, and we got the distress call from the Moskva. (I'm certain the player ends up with a better set of start positions for the attack on the Hakaga if one or two enemy ships survive the perimeter assault, but that's by the by!). I nailed the Grikath...
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    What happened?

    The Kats were always pretty polite actually.
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    A WC rumor

    Having enjoyed WC1 and WC2 more than the sequels - I'd prefer it if EA or whoever went ahead without FMV, to keep costs down. I'm sure loads would still go for it, and I would too. Keep the focus where its needed. That's why the fan-projects are so great!
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    Gothri Gripe

    If I was a Kilrathi pilot, I don't think I'd have too many gripes if given a Gothri. If it had more shields and less armour than a Sabre, that's a definitie improvement over what I always considered a flaw in Sabre design. They are impressive ships, by any standard. I'd prefer a Jalkehi as I...
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    Sartha Gripes

    Good way of finding out which of the lowly Kila'hra could cut it though, wasn't it?
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    torpedo carrying salthi?

    Unless the swarm gets intercepted on the way in. A Salthi carrying the enormous mass of a torpedo would respond much more sluggishly than one with a DF - add a few Ferrets or Rapiers and unless they're in range of a torp attack they will be going down in droves, unless they are escorted. In...
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    Nukes and stuff

    Ryock - Yes, a megaton yield is equivalent to million tonnes of TNT in energy output. (Hence kiloton being 1000 tonnes, though apologies for cross-threading metric/imperial measurements). I don't suppose this has to be a reference to nuclear weapons only, it could refer to matter-antimatter...
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    Scimitar Gripes

    Nice on Mannpower. Though I predict the poor fool who was a scim stuck in their anal passage might incur some sort of injury when they try to squeeze it out....
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    Iceman = Trigger?

    Trigger, you're a freak.
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    Fighter Design Inspiration

    Remember that Avro was one of the independant British companies that was overtaken not by events, but by the defence White Paper in the seventies. The TSR2 went the same way, and we ended up buying inferior (according to MoD evalutation, test pilots and orders) F-111s that didn't remain in RAF...