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    German & Spanish Novels Round Out The Set (May 12, 2014)

    I got the novel in spanish for 9.95€. Sadly, this is the only Wing Commander book in my lenguaje...
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    Ideal WC movie style.

    What kind of ships and uniform do you liked to see in the movie? WC1 style? WC2? WC3&4? Super Wing Commander? Or 1999 movie itself?
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    Super Wing Commander

    Where? Where?
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    WCP GBA languages

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    WCP GBA languages

    And the UK version?
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    WCP GBA languages

    How many languages have the USA GBA version?
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    WC IV PSX savegame problem

    I have a PS2, and the WC IV not find the memory card. Were is the problem?
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    1 WC2 2 WC Academy 3 Privateer 4 WC1 5 WC Armada 6 WC4 7 WCP 8 WC3 9 P2
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    Your first Wing Commander experience?

    1º WC2 (386) 2º WCAc (P100) 3º Priv 4º WCar 5º WC1 6º WC4 7º WCP (PII) 8º WC3 9º SWC (3do)
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    Confed and before!

    While waits to Dimitri Avignoni opens the capsule to you, during the news you can hear a reference about "the cats".
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    Super Wing Commander

    To run Super Wing Commander in Windows, just go: and search December 27, 2003.
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    Confed and before!

    Correct, I am Spanish. Sorry about the confusion. Always I believed that Privateer 2 was not inside of the Wing Commander canon...
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    Confed and before!

    The Confederation still existed in some form in 2789. (Last entry of: The font, please?
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    confed Helmet

    I want make a Confed Helmet saw in WC/3,4&P Can you send me images, measures, 3ds meshes etc?
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    The Best Novel

    Hello to all, commanders! In your opinion, what is the best Wing Comannder novel? ;)