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    Nintendo DS One-Two Combo

    I'm surprised that Nintendogs is an actual game, I'm not saying its a bad game, just the marketing and packaging is quite interesting.
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    X3 Beta Opening Up (August 18, 2005)

    Well I for one am looking forward to this game. You cannot really label it as a Business simulation, because that is not it's main focus. It is a 4X game, where you can build stations, fight in combat ships, explore the universe, build an empire. X3 Reunion is hoping to build upon and improve...
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    More WTF From HoTT (August 2, 2005)

    Sadly enough, I actually get the joke behind that second picture.
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    Choose Your Favorite Station (June 6, 2005)

    I chose Caernarvon because its the first station I saw, because Wing Commander 2 was the first Wing Commander game I Played :)
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    Gary Whitta Doesn't Like Wing Commander!

    I Think this article is quite sad. First off this person obviously has little personality, its mostly ego. This is definetly a filler article. Even my PCPowerplay magazines have better (and actually amusing!) filler articles. They also recently introduced a new section into their magazine where...
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    Happy Birthday Chris

    happy b-day Chris! have fun on your day and get something signed at Dragon Con this year for me! :P
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    Wing Commander console ports

    Probably because they had nothing else to post for that day? :P Anyway personally We arent missing out on much if new relears are only on PC. However we probably arent missing too much out anyway, exacept for that Super Wing Commander. And I dont know how to get one of those, and does the CD...
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    Changing of the Guard

    Hiya Bob McDob. You need some help? if so what kind?
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    Anyone here?

    Hiya OM, Anyone here? just wondering if this is used
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    Goodbye, Origin (February 24, 2004)

    Hellos, My first post on the forums, been here awhile though. Im surprised ive never made an account before this. Anyway I felt I had to say something about this as it is a truly sad thing that has happened. As the late George Harrison said in one of his songs, "All things must pass". It is a...