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Ukar dai Ragark# 1552 

Name Ukar dai Ragark
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
About Ukar dai Ragark lak Haka was the head of the Haka clan. He was not on good terms with the Imperial family, and was especially critical of Thrakhath's handling of the Battle of Earth. Ragark was assigned as Governor of the Hralgkrak Province at the edge of nowhere, next to the Landreich. It was well known that he did not feel appreciated in the days of the Empire.

Brajakh Kar or the Fortress of the Dark was the compound of the Haka clan on Baka Kar, the central planet of the Province. The Hall of Warriors was the most important area of the building where Ragark would address his fleet captains. Baka Kar had an orbitting base called Asharazhal.

After the war he retained the title of Governor and continued to rule the Province, occasionally squashing a minor rebellion, such as on Khrovat, where the local administrator and population wanted to break off. Ever ambitious, he was one of the Kilrathi warlords engaged in the civil war between the clans, who all sought to set themselves up as the new Emperor. This put Ragark at odds with Melek, who wouldn't have minded if the Confederation or the Landreich took him out. The warlord's forces were stirring up trouble on the frontier and the Belisarius Group had its own reasons for downplaying the events.

Ragark's fleet was large enough to pose a serious threat to the Landreich. Although it consisted mainly of older ships they had not seen much action during the war. More was needed to ensure a decisive victory, and he bargained Dawx Jhorrad to join his forces, which tipped the balance in his favor. He had always envied Dawx Jhorrad's charisma, and the Dreadnought made a formidable addition to his arsenal. Once fully repaired the Vorghath could have defeated the Landreich fleet all on its own, and Ragark had another four carriers and ten cruisers, so that he suddenly became a major threat to the Confederation itself.

When the Landreich and Belisarius found out about Vorghath, Ragark decided to launch an all out attack against Kruger's fleet before they had a chance to mount their own offensive against the Dreadnought. While most of Ragark's fleet was out the FRLS Mjollnir, posing as the KIS Karga, dealt a heavy blow to his war effort. Most of the repair facilities were destroyed or badly damaged. The Vorghath was crippled and the Asharazhal base was unable to launch fighters for weeks. The Landreich raid on Baka Kar set Ragark back a year or more. Unwilling to risk more of his ships, he was unable to pursue the retreating intruders.

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