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Scarab# 1153 

Name Scarab
Class Drayman class Transport/Tanker
Note Drayman class Transport/Tanker
Decommissioned 2669
Faction Privateer
About The Scarab was a merchant ship under the command of Geof Kane. It carried a crew of at least twenty.

The Sheol made a cargo run from Baroda to Sheol which took several days, then the Scarab's crew assisted Sheol with developing strategies to keep the Retros at bay.

Unfortunately, the commander of Sheol sold out to the Retros. The Scarab launched to defend against a number of incoming Retros, but they were unable to defend Sheol which was boarded.

During the battle, the Scarab took heavy damage and a panel fell killing Kane. Afterwards the Scarab was sold for scrap.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 8 2003


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