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Robin Peters# 483 

Name Robin Peters
Callsign Flint
Rank Lieutenant
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family David Peters
Born 2637
Homeworld Locanda IV
About "I guess you could say flying's in my blood."

Robin Peters was a pilot, like her brother, father and grandfather before her. Her father was originally from Earth, but he resettled on Locanda IV. He commanded a Home Defense Squadron in the Locanda System and taught Robin and her brother David how to fly. David died in 2652 when Robin was 15. Her father died at the age of 57 while she was away from home, in her first year at the Academy.

She was assigned to the TCS Victory's Thunderbolt heavy fighter squadron. She had a good combat record, but flew with her heart, out for revenge for her father and brother.

Robin Peters once saved Laurel Buckley's life in a combat situation, and she was one of Cobra's few companions on the TCS Victory.

After the flight wing failed to protect Locanda IV from the biological warheads, Flint headed for the Kilrathi carrier KIS Sar'hrai at the Ariel jump point, ignoring the Victory's Return To Base orders. She wanted to go down fighting, but Christopher Blair pulled her out with the help of fighters from the TCS Coventry. Captain Jason Bondarevsky had sent out Flight Commander Piet DeWitt to cover Blair and Peter's retreat.

Wing Commander Christopher Blair grounded her after that, and she applied for a transfer to the Blackmane Base. The base was just in the process of shutting down, so Captain William Eisen turned down her request. Blair put her back on the flight roster about a week later.

She almost became romantically linked with Christopher Blair, but he chose Rachel Coriolis over her. Blair didn't want to be with another pilot after losing Jeanette Deveraux, since they're more likely to die than a technician is.

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Last modified Aug 9 2003


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