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Events around January 16 (.16)


Dawx Jhorrad pledges loyalty to Ragark
Dawx Jhorrad pledges his loyalty to Ukar dai Ragark, Governor of the Hralgkrak Province bordering the Landreich.

Ragark now has Jhorrad's ship, the KIS Vorghath, a Dreadnought, in his arsenal.
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Zachary Banfeld arrives in Baka Kar system
Zachary Banfeld arrives in the Baka Kar system on the scoutship Highwayman. He has never met with Baron Ghraffid nar Dhores there before. The ship drops out of cloak and transmits on all frequencies. Scanning the area, Banfeld realizes that Ragark, the governor of the Hralgkrak Province bordering the Landreich, would still pose a serious threat to the Landreich even if they get the Mjollnir into service. He realizes the mess the Landreich and The Guild are all in when he detects the KIS Vorghath, a Kilrathi Dreadnought under Ragark's control. Banfeld heads straight for home.
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Zachary Banfeld
Ukar dai Ragark orders the ships Hravik and Klarran and their battle groups to track the Highwayman and destroy it the moment it decloaks.
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Senate debate
In a "vigorous" debate on the Senate floor, Senator Taggart and the Federationist party pushed for gradual expansion of the military budget, while Senator Diego and the Populist party pushed for a 35% rollback of all military spending, a reduction of about 1.7 trillion credits, with 10% to be diverted to humanitarian programs and the remaining 25% to tax relief. Senator Diego attacked the spending policies of the Confed armed forces and Senator Taggart's Megacarrier project. Diego said "Now I look at this so-called megacarrier that we're spending so much on, and I ask myself what, exactly are we defending against? My Uncle Eddy used to keep a blaster by his bed in case he was attacked by little blue aliens in the night. After they spent most of their life savings on wall repairs, my Aunt Lori had him locked up. I'm wondering if we're not throwing our money after imaginary threats? And I wonder if we're going to come to our senses, or end up like Uncle Eddy."
Taggart responded "Talk of a 'peace dividend' is, at best, redundant. Military expenditures are already down 45% from their wartime peak. And far from being wasteful, the megacarrier program is the most economical plan available. Over half of our war-era fleet is obsolete and failing, and if we tried to replace the old ships with ships of the same type, it would cost almost twice as much as the entire megacarrier program to provide the same level of defense. When the Kilrathi started the war more than half a century ago, we were unready and underequipped, because we though we could count on a time of peace. The cost of our misjudgement was an unthinkable toll in lives and property. The Confederation owes it to itself - to its people - to make a solemn vow to never be so taken again."
The Senate is expected to vote on the final appropriations bill no later than 2681.030
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