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Events around January 20 (.20)


Tesla C
Blair and Stingray escort the Bonnie Heather to the jump point out-system. While the Bonnie Heather prepares to jump, Concordia notifies Blair of two incoming Fralthra. Blair is ordered to wait until the Bonnie Heather jumps, then to destroy the Fralthras' fighter cover.

After Blair destroyed the fighter cover which included Khasra in one fighter, Concordia launches a wing of Broadswords to finish them off. Khasra survives the attack.
[Wing Commander II]


The Guild
The Guild Base on Hellhole is destroyed by the FRLS Independence and its battle group.
[False Colors]


TCIA Kilrah timeline 6

The recon groups from Outposts Bravo and Delta jump to site of K-105 in the Kilrah system to investigate its destruction. They never reestablish contact.
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 15

Major Leeward Washington leaves Tal'q Naval Station in an Excalibur refitted for trans-system surveillance on the 7th and final recon mission into Kilrah system.
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 16

Major Washington discovers the remains of the smuggler's base on Kilrah 7.4 during the 7th recon attempt from Tal'q.
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 7

The Kilrathi colony on Kilrah 6 is attacked by forces at the time unknown. The attackers are later discovered as being the Nephilim aliens.
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 8

This time marks the last known signal from Kilrah 6 after it is attacked.
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 17

Major Washington completes his recon of Kilrah 7.4 and begins his return trip to Tal'q.
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 18

Major Washington returns to Tal'q with photos and a possible enemy artifact. His is the only recon mission of seven to return as scheduled, others are presumed lost. Recon missions are terminated pending analysis of known data.
[ICIS Manual]


TCIA Kilrah timeline 20

This time marks the last transmission from the TCS Brack.
[ICIS Manual]

2681.019.0330 - .0338 

TCIA Kilrah timeline 10

Surveillance Outposts Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta in the Kilrah system are attacked.
[ICIS Manual]


TCIA Kilrah timeline 19

A strike group, lead by Corvette TCS Brack, is dispatched from Tal'q to Kilrah 6
[ICIS Manual]

TCIA Kilrah timeline 12

The first of seven recon missions is dispatched into Kilrah systems from Tal'q Naval Station. It does not return as scheduled, all contact is lost.
[ICIS Manual]


TCIA Kilrah timeline 21

The initial TCIA report on the Kilrah incident is compiled and dispatched.
[ICIS Manual]


TCIA Kilrah timeline 13

Tal'q sends a FLASH message to Terra, which goes to full alert status.
[ICIS Manual]

[02:15 (est)]
TCIA Kilrah timeline 9

The previously unknown Kilrathi smuggler/insurgent base on Kilrah 7.4 is destroyed.
[ICIS Manual]

[04:15 (est)]
TCIA Kilrah timeline 11

All Kilrah Surveillance Outposts are presumed destroyed. Kilrah system is presumed fully in enemy control.
[ICIS Manual]

[20:00 (est)]
TCIA Kilrah timeline 14

Lt. Katrina Shea leaves from Tal'q Naval Station on the 6th recon mission into Kilrah system, but doesn't return.
[ICIS Manual]



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