I loved WC3&4 ever since I played them years ago, so recently I hacked together a simple d20 rpg ruleset that I use with players on my discord channel alongside RP where they make friends/enemies with the crew of the carrier. It's not much but it lets me live in the WC universe in a way and it's a good bit of fun.

I'm interested to hear if anyone else here still has some way of enjoying the WC universe? Be it novels they read or write, make rpgs, make videos or pictures.

Pretty new here and nice to see there are still so many people talking about WC.

Right now, I'm playing an RPG based in the gemini sector from confed's point of view. It's really fun to explore the interactions all these broad caricatures of people will face while giant murdercats are trying to kill them.

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Nice, I'm from Australia and it's past midnight so I'll have a look at your wiki tomorrow when my brain is more functional.
What kind of rpg system do you use? Did you make one yourself like I have or are you using a "hack" of some kind of pre-existing system?

My game takes place in the Vega sector.
Easiest way to see is to join.

It's kinda d20 based but uses a custom bot. @Iceblade will handle the gameplay balance and stuff (hint, dralthi are death incarnate) and I tend to do graphical stuff

Example freeze frame

Example "battlespace"
I joined the discord. It looks pretty interesting.
A bit different than what I had imagined but I don't mean that in a bad way.
Nice to see you got so many players. My game is purely GM run and we use fantasy grounds for the battle map so my player limit is much lower than yours.

I'd be tempted to join your game but I'm too busy running my own unfortunately so wouldn't be able to give it the time it deserves.
Is your player base mostly US based?

I have uploaded a couple pictures here to give you an idea how my game works.

When out on missions we use the battle map.

When on the carrier, RP goes on where the players chat with each other and other pilots or carrier crew.

And this is a small snippet of how the combat is done.

Ships have power, shields and hull stats to keep track of. Different weapons do different damage and have different range. There are also different missiles. You can try to dodge enemy fire and even try to get on their tail.

It's a good bit of fun.
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I remembered seeing comparisons between the two, and I may consider either FG or R20 when I finally go for my own full campaign. I might run a module (or two or three) before I do this, but the gist of the campaign I'm considering involves the BBEG being vulnerable only in the presence of the Vorpal Blade (Not sure what kind of sword I'll make it), but the adventurers will need to collect the Swords of Answering. I'm not sure how to go about summoning the Vorpal, but I guess that I could research Level 10-12 spells from the earlier D&D editions as inspiration.

Yes, I'm nuts enough to have this in my mind even though I am only in my first campaign, lol
Yeah it happens quickly lol. You want to run your first module and then tons of ideas start flooding into your head for your own campaign.
Same with my game here, I got one idea of what's going to happen and suddenly I want to add this and that but always write it all down because who knows when it might come in handy during the campaign.

Best thing is, my players didn't know about Wing Commander until I started playing this with them (we played a Medieval Fantasy campaign for a year before this) so I can deviate as much as I want from the canon as they don't have any expectations of what is going to happen, I'm going to stick as best I can to the canon but it allows me a bit more freedom.
By the way, if anyone wants to try out playing with us feel free to message me or just reply here. There are 2 spots open at the moment.
There is serious RP similar as in the pic I posted.

We use text instead of voice as you can see in the pics I uploaded in one of my replies there. The time we play is usually Saturdays 10AM-6PM Australian Eastern Standard Time and sometimes on other days after I finish work if people are happy to play.
I am definitely interested... you know what could be fun also is a time bubble that brings the gemini chars to vega or something. ;) Let's do a crossover!
Nice, so the play time I posted works for you? If yes you can add me on discord and I'll message you there with some more info.
And yeah a crossover sounds interesting, though will take a bit of work to think about how we're going to do it lol. Like are they gonna be NPCs, will they be your players actually controlling the characters, we can't have too many people otherwise combat will take forever and things like that.