wing commander 3

  1. Scribbler

    Wing Commander 3 Ambience

    Today we return to the TCS Victory. 🙂 This time it's straight to the original because the rooms largely have their own soundscapes and didn't have to be 100% improvised like in parts 1 and 2. Today we have the flight center. Neutral calm for individual moments for you. A second version of this...
  2. BluePhoenix

    WC3 rpg

    I loved WC3&4 ever since I played them years ago, so recently I hacked together a simple d20 rpg ruleset that I use with players on my discord channel alongside RP where they make friends/enemies with the crew of the carrier. It's not much but it lets me live in the WC universe in a way and it's...
  3. C

    Wing Commander 3 Tribute Trailer.

    Wing Commander 3 - Heart of The Tiger (1994) - Tribute Trailer. Squadron 42 is currently my most anticipated video game. The said game is planned to enter beta stage later this year, and probably scheduled for full release sometime next year. In its anticipation, I decided to go through previous...
  4. BrynS

    London Film & Comic Con 2017 - Tom Wilson & John Rhys-Davies

    Hey lads, long time no post! I still follow the site though but have cut back my forum use across a bunch of communities in recent years due to work. Hopefully I'll be a bit more active here again soon. Just wanted to let know that if you are in the UK and able to get down to London this...
  5. Nuke87654

    Suffering some bug issues in Wing Commander 3

    Hello, I'm here to report of a bug or so that I've witnessed in the GOG version of Wing Commander 3. I would like to ask for help in this. My error is that after accepting the mission to go save Flint (yes I used comm and selected the command to accept the mission). After I've beaten the...