1. tarsus

    Another collab between fandoms! Bonkus Maximus and Gemini WC:RPG

    Hey all, really proud to share the latest briefing. It is fully voiced by Bonkus Maximus. I love how he gave the character "Karen" a Brooklyn accent. () If anyone wants to join, catch us on the discord or http://geminisector.wikidot.org I am getting more comfortable animating these...
  2. BluePhoenix

    WC3 rpg

    I loved WC3&4 ever since I played them years ago, so recently I hacked together a simple d20 rpg ruleset that I use with players on my discord channel alongside RP where they make friends/enemies with the crew of the carrier. It's not much but it lets me live in the WC universe in a way and it's...
  3. C

    Hey guys, please try my game: Stellar Wanderer

    Hey guys and gals, last night I've just published my game on iOS and I'd be pleased to hear about it from an old community of space sim lovers. I guess it won't be a surprise that Wing Commander and Privateer series were some of my inspiration sources, after all were the games of my youth...