U R A WC junkie if...

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I'm going to have discussions about what happened to 491-499 of the URAWCJ list.
Does that make me a WCJ? :cool:

I misread the previous number. Now it's too late :(
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I misread the previous number. Now it's too late :(


(The answer to that is, of course, no. I went and fixed the numbering)

496. You remember how TC fixed the numbering after Meson skipped 491-499. (After TC 'cut' my 502 from the list, I just had to do this)


Hey, now we can have another race for 500!!
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I don't give a shit about my rank, Twister (see how many replies I send each day on my profile). Ask the moderators to ban me if you want, I'll go on sending replies even if I turn to swabbie or cadet. My english is poor, I do not speak it everyday, and I'm just trying to improve it.
Moreover I don't have 2 hours to spend to build a sentence; when I have an idea, I prefer to send it immediately.

I apologize for the disturbance... but I'AM NOT A CHEATER.

oke i'm sorry but i just HAD to reply, to this post, i'm sorry it's so late.
NoRemorse, you shouldn't heve felt attacked by that post, it was just a small wordt of advice, no one was talking about banning, and i didn't say a word about your english, how could i? my english is crappy enough on it's own. and i didn't call you a cheater...wel not in that way...

oh and BTW
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Therefore, next time you'll be there, Twister, I'll try not to disturb you... well I won't send replies...
i'm not sure what you mean with that first part, but in no way did i tell you not to post, so please keep 'm coming only pos't 'm all at once. i think you toke that post a bit the wrong way, so i hope this clears things up, cool?
497. You're upset why Brad McKinstry haven't update his WC paper models project...
498. You're wondering what ever happenned to that fan-made movie called 'Wing Commander: Sniper's War'
499. You're very sure that none of the Wing Commander Sniper's War have any Wing Commander ships or the like...
And the 500th...

500. You're giving the 500th reason for being a WC junkie so 500 more reasons of being a WC junkie will be produced.
THere, finally finished the compilation on my website http://www.measonstarport.com/wingommander/urwcji.htm

Durring the process, I found lots of errors, making the current number 503 instead of 500, and has since edited the entries to reflect any changes. (I.E. There were no 9th entry, so I made #10 the 9th entry. The 500 entry below was moved up the list so it could be the 500 entry. Refernces to other posts were edited to reflect the new locations. Etc.) If you find any more errors, please tell me so I can fixed them promptly. You can also check the site to see where your entries landed after editing.

504. You find errors in the URAWCJI list.

(Note to all cadets: This is the proper way to bump up a thread.)