U R A WC junkie if...


well it's that time again, it's been a while, and there are a lot of new people here who may have something to add to this list.
but please read the list first to prevent double posts, i've taken out most doubles.
enjoy, and feel free to add anything.

U R A WC junkie if...
You Are A Wing Commander Junkie If...
1. You refer to your home as "Sol III"
2. You demand people to refer to you by your Callsign.
3. You autoslide when walking.
4. You request time off from work because "My friend Dallas has died".
5. You have more then 20 screenshots of your Piranha in action.
6. You just spent a large portion of your day working on a Wing Commander site and then relax by coming and talking here...
7. You refer to your computer as "TCS Midway"
8. You have a picture of Flint, Rachel, or 9. another wc woman, at work.
10. You're attempting to pay for something in credits.
11. You're afraid to visit the doctor, because he might ground you.
12. You have time to create a website devoted to Wing Commander.
13. You get the flu and swear it's bioweapons or an alien virus.
14. You search the Yellow Pages looking for Sinner's Inn/Confed HQ.
15. You've been banned from church for yelling out; "all bow down before SIVAR!".
16. You're friends send you on a food run and you hurry before the Shop/Transport is
destroyed by aliens.
17. Your therapist has classified you as "paranoid", due to your belief of an
approaching bug army.
18. You have no fear of taking on 5 (real world) Migs, after all, you've fought Sorthaks and Paktahns.
19. You found yourself saying, "Now what would Blair do in this situation?"
20. You are afraid of bugs.
21. When you have to eject, you scream "NO, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE,
NOOOOOOOOOO!" and you jump out of your seat, only to wake up days later...
22. You go into a gun store and ask if they have plasma guns.
23. You go to the CIC every day
24. You can't leave town without finding the white navpoint.
25. You've been arrested several times for breaking into military basses looking for
bioweapons and secret unmarked fighters.
26. You refer to your friend as NPC's.
27. You have Wing Commander sounds or desktop patterns on your computer.
28. You keep the Kilrathi Saga box displayed on top of your TV.
29. You send in ideas for this list.
30. You understand all this.
31. You go on a road trip and hope you don't get any hostile encounters.
32. You wonder why your alarm clock doesn't have a Scramble alarm.
33. Instead of calling an exterminator when you see a bug, you look for a hanger.
34. You have all the games.
35. You actually own a flightsuit used in the games
36. You can quote Wing Commander as you would do Shakespeare
37. You use WC taunts as catchphrases.
38. You threaten to sacrifice the guy at the McDonalds drive-thru to "my lord the
warrior-god Sivar" if he doesn't hurry up.
39. You name your parakeet after a Firekkan.
40. Your cat is called Hobbes (or Ralgha, depending on personal taste)
41. You look at Rigel and think of the depot there.
42. You see Vega then try to find McAuliffe, Freya, and Hellespont.
43. You try to look beyond Vega and Alcor to see the Kilrathi.
44. You refer to the year 2657 as the destruction of the Tiger's Claw.
45. You worry that a Kilrathi cruiser might ascend on Earth.
46. You worship Sivar.
47. You memorize the Kilrathi language on page 67 of the Kilrathi Saga manual.
48. You refer to your planet as Nak'tara.
49. You understand Kilrathi in the games
50. You can read Kilrathi
51. You can write Kilrathi
52. You can actually speak flawless Kilrathi
53. 50 doesn't sound strange for you
54. You don't know why people look weird at you when you speak Kilrathi in public.
55. you when you speak Kilrathi in public.
56. Every time a cloud covers the sun, you run in fear that the Kilrathi arrived.
57. You see the scene of a skull in Terminator, and leave the theater after seeing a
terminator leg instead of a Kilrathi leg crushing it
58. You play other space sim games only to "gather information about the enemy".
59. You take a gun and shoot all the cats in the neighborhood.
60. You don't play other space sims at all
61. You're making a hunger strike until the next WC game is released
62. You spend all your time online on the CIC pushing reload on your browser
63. You think your cat is a spy
64. Your favorites menu on Internet Explorer have a subfolder called "Wing
65. You don't have a subfolder called Wing Commander because you don't have any
page there that isn't related to Wing Commander
66. You tried to take a History class on the Terran - Kilrathi War in high school
67. You write lists asking if you are a WC Junkie...(cruel but true!)
68. You name all of your model ships after W.C. ships
69. Owning Baldur's Gate and using the custom sounds option to make your character
talk like Maniac
70. You built the TCS Midway out of Construxs once.
71. While driving your car, you attempt to outmaneuver enemy fighters.
72. You keep a laser pistol close at hand in case you get a flat in enemy territory.
73. You paint silhouette of all the cars you've outmaneuvered on the side of your car.
74. You can imagine how all your enemies would look like if they were Kilrathi.
75. When you're at the supermarket, you attempt to get discounts on your food,
claiming, "It's for the war effort"
76. At work, you continually refer to your boss as a, "tight ass CO"
77. At work, whenever you're about to do some hard work, you put on a helmet with
your Callsign on it.
78. You have a tape recording of your girlfriend breaking up with you and you keep it in your locker.
79. You are constantly sent to the Principle's Office under the charge of reenacting a
patrol mission between and during classes.
80. You bring Boom-Boom to the Homecoming dance.
81. You consider yourself an ace for tackling 5 football players last Friday.
82. You believe you have achieved the rank of Ace of Aces this Friday, and you use
the excuse, "but my blackbox got hit!" to get away with it.
83. You have played Wing Commander Quake...
84. You have never found any humor in hearing someone say, "Look what the cat
dragged in."
85. You believe whenever your pet kitty runs from you, a Nephilim is scaring it away.
86. You call yourself a Colonel.
87. You are a Colonel.
88. You own every product related to Wing Commander released by Origin, even
though half of that is just the other half in neat new packages.
89. You write something to this list.
90. None of these things is strange to you because you've already done some or all of
91. Chris Roberts files a restraining order against you.
92. You enter the Guinness book of records as the man with the most restraining orders issued... one for each person that had remotely something to do with Wing Commander.
93. Even the delivery boy that delivered the gold versions of Wing Commander
Prophecy to be reproduced issues a restraining order.
94. You have three of each WC ever produced... even the gold editions... one for playing it, another for when the first one wears off, and the third for your Wing Commander Altar.
95. You have three of every Wing Commander book ever written...(for reason see No. 94)
96. You have every article ever written about any Wing Commander Game or Book.
97. You have DOS WC2 & WC3 but buy KSaga as it is the only way you'll be able to
play the "47 heart pounding missions that started it all."
98. You have one DVD copy of the movie and 2 on tape. (the DVD so you can say
you got it, and the 2 tapes, one spare for when you watch the other one so many times
you break it .
99. When get called to the chalkboard at school you have trouble suppressing the urge
of writing down your kill scores.
100. You actually take the time to try and figure out the physics behind any of the beam weapons (laser cannons, plasma cannons, etc..). OOhhh....bonus for the leech cannons.
you tell him Nak'tara.
100. You actually take the time to try and figure out the physics behind any of the beam weapons (laser cannons, plasma cannons, etc..). OOhhh....bonus for the leech cannons.
101. You'd love to use a flashpack to instantly "nuke" (aka "cook") the popcorn that it takes a good 3+ minutes to do in the microwave.
102. You have a dartboard background with Tolwyn or any of the other "baddies" on it.
103. You wish Vagabond or Dekker would do an undercover mission to "kidnap" you from class.
104. You already have a paint scheme in mind for the first Piranha you think you're going to fly.
105. You've made a list of every single WC kill you've gotten (numbers and type of each craft...and method of destruction).
106. You have any or all of the WC Universe star system maps up in your room...with pins pointing to where you'd like to visit (or in the "real" realm...look at through a telescope).
107. You believe that 6 days was good and all, but on the 7th day, God created the Wing Commander Universe.
108. You rob your neighbor's kid's LEGO set to build all the WC ship models...
109. You imagined that it was the instructor teaching new maneuver during your physics lesson.
110. You armed yourself with a tennis racket and stormed down the corridor, thinking you are a marine down in a Kilrathi capship.
111. You get slapped by a girl in a bar by saying, "How would you like to...."
112. Chased by a police car for some unknown reasons, you released a jar of highly sensitive explosives which goes boom on impact with the road and accelerates to speed above what your speedometer show.
113. You sped off some cliff edge thinking you're going to 'jump' to another part of this world.
114. You try playing with tractor beam technology for your science project.
115. You think that you've found the correct chemical formula for durasteel...and it was the first question you ever asked your Chem. prof.
116. You can drive your car "a la autoslide".
117. You're taking a class on ion propulsion and anti-matter reactions for possible production into an engine (don't ask....cause I am)
118. You're gawking over LOAF's apparent Wing Commander Uniform...wishing you could have it for your own.
119. You look through mythology books just to find out what Tiamat means.
120. You always relate speed in KPS.
121. You have bad WC dreams.
122. You saw a bird flying and you thought it was a Kilrathi ship, and you take your shotgun and shot it.
123. You called your car the TCS Midway.
124. You get mad at someone and threaten to fire your plasma gun at their fleet.
125. You are hoping that if a war in space does break out in the near future, that they put joysticks and keyboards in them for controls
126. You trying to build a cockpit to sit in while you play out of sheet metal and 2 x 4s
127. You refuse to play any other Space game, even when we are in a WC drought, like now.
128. You own WC4 DVD and the movie DVD, but no DVD drive.
129. You have DOS WC1, WC2 & WC3 but buy KSaga for its cool manual.
130. You have WCP and SO but buy WCP Gold for its cool manual/box design.
131. You are typing this on the WCP keyboard cover.
132. You have already bought the movie DVD twice.
133. Noting that your credit card is blocked because of "lack of use", you sent letters to the bank and call everyday so you can buy the movie.
134. You do all of the above and you don't even have a DVD drive.
135. You still have the box covers for all the WC games despite the fact that they are taking up useless space.
136. Your room/flat/house/car/spacecraft interior is covered in WC posters.
137. Since WC posters aren't readily available you scan the box arts to make your own posters.
138. You force friends/family/strangers to watch the WC movie.
139. You badger LOAF about what LOAF means simply because he has something to do with WC.
140. You have arguments over whether Blair (fictional character) really died or not.
141. You have arguments or spend time delivering speeches on why Casey sucks.
142. You argue over space time physics and torpedo technology even though you are not a scientist/engineer/weapons enthusiast.
143. You accept the word of the CIC Moderators as law.
144. Chris Roberts is your hero even though you've never met him and he hasn't done anything that is likely to inspire anyone. -Penguin
145. You hunt me down and kill me for saying above that Chris Roberts doesn't inspire anyone. -Penguin
146. You walk into school on the first day and say "I have the Confed fleets guns pointed at you so give me all A's"
147. Everybody keeps putting more of these up here.
148. You name your pets WC names(like Blair, Iceman, Maniac...)
149. You are the first person to get 200 up here
150. Your background and screen saver are WC
151. When you fight somebody you yell Kilrathi war cries
152. You have at least 10 WC dreams where you die
153. You read this list.
154. Every time a WC game comes out you have to be the first one to get it in your town
Every time you and a friend both get a new WC game you have to complete it first
154. You don't use codes
155. On papers you have to sign you put "Flight Officer <your name>" or "Cadet
<your name>"
156. When you are in a theme park, riding a rollercoaster, you pretend you are flying your Excalibur on a planet.
157. When you make your Hotmail address kalkrath@hotmail.com
158. When you flush the crapper you are afraid you'll be sucked out into the vacuum.
159. When your wife asks you when you're coming to bed,and you respond:"Right
after I re-arm and deliver this load of iron to New Detroit."
160. When you and your wife plan a holiday you say: but baby, I was saving that
money to buy a Heretic!
161. You keep resurrecting URAWCJI threads.
162. You hire a private investigator to follow your cat to the -what you believe to be-
Kilrathi secret headquarters.
163. You hire a guy to cover your car when you carry important documents for your work.
164. You can curse fluently in Kilrathi.
165. You buy DVD drive/player to play WC4 DVD and to see your WCM on DVD
166. You look for wingmen to hire to help you escort your monolith filled with black market goods.
167. You've read this whole list form the start.
168. When someone cuts you off on the way home, you want to leech their craft.
169. When you imagine the look on their face after 168.
170. When you want to drop a proximity mine to get the ****** whose tailgating you.
171. When you reread the list to make sure you don't repeat a previous entry.
172. You planned to hijack the next Space Shuttle that's going for the International
Space Station to smuggle illegal stuff to where you think Hermes might be..
173. You signed up with US Marine Corps to find out that you're not going to bust any bugs.
174. You approach US Air Force with the blue prints of the Centurion fighter. Claiming it will be finest 21th Century fighter ever.
175. When you cut through two people and think you did a 90 degree roll to make the cut.
176. You've read End Run so many times that you know exactly what's going to happen in every chapter.
177. You reread the story of Lt. Dibbles and his wingman Skinner as a bedtime story.
178. You cry whenever Paladin dies in WC1.
179. When riding in the back seat of your car, you pretend you're in a Rapier fighting off hordes of cats.
180. To test your history teacher, you ask him/her when first contact was made whit the Kilrathi, (But we all know that was 2629.105)
181. To test your history teacher, you ask him/her when Confed declared war against the Kilrathi, (But we all know that was 2634.186)
182. You have enough time to type 182 things to see if you are a wc junkie.
When you want to be the one that gets number 200.
183. When you see a bug and yell "YOU WANT A PEACE OF ME? HUH? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?"
184. You owned the games before you owned a computer.
185. You went and downloaded every episode of the WC cartoon from CIC.
186. You recorded every episode of Wing Commander Academy when it aired and
when it re-ran on high quality tapes, and have since converted them to enormous mpegs burnt onto 13 CDs.
187. When you see a bug crawling over the floor you yell: "Gonna stomp you bug!"
188. When you stomp the bug from 187 you say:"Squish!"
189. When you finished 187 and 188 you say "They sure die nice" to a friend.
190. You have a friend who does the same and yell "BOOM turned him into kitty litter. I'm hot today!"
191. When you talk about WC not as a computer game, but as what will happen in the future.
192. You go out to drink and ask to the barman if they have "Altarian Brandy", Hell's Kitchen, Firekka's Finest (kika'li), or that Kilrathi drink.
193. Your local bar tells you that they don't have those exotic drinks, and you start planning for a very lucrative trade route on your Tarsus.
194. You realize you would have to buy a Tarsus first.
195. Even worse, you DON'T realize you would have to buy a Tarsus first
196. You can name more than 50 Wing Commander Drinks... (can YOU? )
197. You've memorized all the ranks (including Kilrathi)
198. Your Bolt e-mail name is Kalkrath nar Sol
199. You wish you could get in your Hellcat (or Dralthi) and go to another system
200. You post stupid stuff just so you can have number 200
201. You want number 200 really bad
202. You go to the supermarket trying to find a 6-pack of Bex Beer
203. You go to the nearest car parts dealer trying to find isometal armor, fusion
cannons and an advanced repair droid for your car.
204. You go to the weapons black market trying to find some Raven lasers.
205. You steal some nuclear warheads in hope to reproduce the P2 nuke.
206. You've built an underground bunker so you and your family will be safe in case
the Kilrathi attack Earth and decide to use nukes.
207. You spend entire days surfing the web visiting nothing but WC sites in the hope they've been updated.
208. You’re planning on naming your first son/daughter after a character from WC.
209. You have actually named your son Christopher Blair and your last name is Smith.
210. When your cat is sick you say: "Time to see a vet, kitty" and hope he doesn't take
it the wrong way.
211. You list out the first 200 of 'U R A WC junkie if...' on your answer script in a major examination.
212. You managed to memorize all the first 200 correctly.
213. While some people uses less than a minute to memorize 20 items in order using
photo-graphic memory, you used only 30 seconds to memorize all the 212 'U R A WC junkie if...' using your WC-addicted brain.
214. You only date men/women that look like WC characters.
215. You have a cardboard cutout of Mark Hamil in your room.
216. When filling out a job application: Under military service you put: Confederation
Space Force.
217. You've tried, convicted and executed your pet cat for treason.
218. You've submitted more than ten reasons your a WC junkie to this string.
219. You wish you had your own Vampire craft.
220. You spend lots of time on the web clarifying what does Sivar means.
221. You argue about what destroying the bridge and engines of a cap ship does to it.
222. You blame the Kilrathi for every virus your computer gets.
223. You blame Maniac for every mess up your computer has
224. Even worse, your brother has the "Maniac" nick name and keeps messing up your computer
225. when you come to #wingnut or #wingnut, you hate it when they talk about a NON-WC topic!
226. it is your (dieing) wish to become Moderator on this board 227. you only have WC fans in your ICQ list
228. when you play halfLife, starcraft, freespace, ETC. you pretend it's wing
229: You slit a man's throat and claim Seether made you do it.
230: You run into the UN and start telling them about the secret organization that is going to destroy our way of life. (Though you could just be paranoid )
231: You sign up for the Air Force so that you can save the world from the eventual attack of bug like creatures...
232: People continuosly misspell your name (Chis Ried for example :)
233: You developed a cloaking device for your car
234: You've shaken a continent apart with your model T Bomb
235: You insist that people call you by the colour of your hair (eg. Blue Hair, Brown Hair)
236: You write back to every post..
237. You break into Malcom Mcdowell's residence and proclaim you know his "dirty little secret".
238. This year when you sit on santa's lap, you accuse him of being a Kilrathi spy for not bringing you a Vesuvius class carrier for Christmas last year.
239. You are puzzled by the fact that your local bar does mot carry Firekkan fire water or Boom-Boom.
240. You ask the bus driver to take you to Cirus, Hermes, etc. and scream obcenities at him in Kilrathi when he refuses.
241. You refer to (real world) army, air force, marines servicemen as the "local militia" and believe they are comprised of washouts from the Confed academy.
242. you refer to places like south-central LA as the Border Worlds and a place where Privateers, mercenaries, and outlaws run free.
243. You have thoughts of takeing a Devestator to school and wasting all that have annoyed you.
244. You have time to write a list that long...
245. When watching Aliens 2 you are convinced that Dekker and his marines would have done a much better job with fewer casualties.
246. You hear a guy talking about "debugging" and yell "Oh no, they are already here?"
247. You get pissed when others carry out phycopathic fanticies before you.
248. Your real name IS Chris Blair(guilty as charged)
249. You watch Top Gun, and get pissed whenever they say "Maverick" and instead of Blair, you see Tom Cruise.(I pity the guy who does)
250. You are actually writing a continuity perfect novel based on the WC games, and plan to send it to Origin, or whoever has the Wing Commander publishing right(Again, guilty)
251. You form a recognized church that revolves around the Kilrathi faith of Sivar, and the Prophecy of the Tome of Sivar(can't remember the name right now)
252. Said religion gets more than just WC followers as members(see 251)
253. You feel the need to fire your tachyon guns whenever someone says "Hi! I'm Casey!"
254. Said person's name is LANCE Casey.(I actually met a guy whose name IS Lance Casey. (God, what cruel parents. ^_^)
255. You've found loopholes in storylines with which to bring back "dead" WC characters(I know a lot of people here are guilty of that, and I ain't one of them)
256. You go see "the Blair Witch Project" and are pissed because it has nothing to do with WC
257. You hack a Star Wars game to have the WC ships insteads of the Rebel ships, and actually market the game.
258. Said game doesn't get you sued by both Origin and LucusArts.
259. You argue constantly over which is better; WC, or Star Wars.(Trust me, I've seen some pretty raunchy fights over THAT subject.)
260. You think that the WC movie is the only REAL sci-fi movie ever made.
261. You have a shrine in your house to all the dead pilots in the WC games(bonus if that shine includes a section for dead Fleeties as well)
262. Whenever you lose a wingman, or someone dies in WC, you go into a month long mourning.
263. You think that the CIA is actually the Black Lance Order of the present age.
264. When in physics class, you try to figure out how to make an "optimal template" as described in WCIV
265. You actually succeed in making said template.
266. You suspect that your british accented world history teacher is one of Geoff Tolwyn's ancestors, even though Geoff Tolwyn isn't even real.
267. While in pilot training, you keep trying to find the cloaking device on your craft
268. In you chemistry class, you try to cook up the Kilrathi Pandemic bio-wep.
269. You succeed in making Kilrathi bio-wep.
270. you attempt to make the BLO's bio-convergence in order to "better" humanity.
271. You succeed in creating bio-Convergence virus, and your first target is "The Boder Worlds"(redneck country, or South Central LA.)
272. You salute anyone who tells you their last name is Eisen, Blair, or Tolwyn.
273. Anyone with the full name Thomas Marshall, you avoid without reserve.
274. You get excited when ever you hear that the USS Midway is not "dead"(kinda redundent, since if memory serves me right, the USS Midway died at Pearl Harbor)
275. You think of all these "URAWJif"s just so you can get towards the 300th URAWCJif.(God, I need a better life)
276. You talked your friends into killing the old lady nect door because she has more than a dozen cats and you believe that she's a Kilrathi sypathizer.
277. You go to school waving a gun and shoot everyone who can't recite the Confed oath of service or sports questions.
278. You want to bring back a thread that has to do with insulting a "superior officer".
279. You want to prove you are a Wing Commander Junkie.
280. You have now brought this list to 280 URAWCJI. (God, we' needs lives!!)
281. You keep coming up with ideas for this list.
282. Whenever thinking you cross your arms in the "Blair pose".
283. You have tried to create WC guns
284. You wonder why your tachyon cannon doesn't work
285. You've addicted your friends to Wing Commander and all spin-offs.
286. All aspects of your life are built around the WC lifestyles.
287. You have tried to build a working Excaliber Fighter from WCIII
288. You tried and succeesed in making a "Leech Missile"
289. Said Leech Missile was used to "disable" your boss's "Bloodfang" (Car depends on person)
290. Whenever going on the stores during the holidays, you scream out "I am a Warrior of Sivar!! Show Respect and honor to me!!" to get people out of your way.
291. When You come to the CIC, this thread is the first thing you come to.(God, I almost think I DO need a life)
292. Trying to keep everyone else from getting the 300th URAWCJI.
293. Seeing Wing Commander as what WILL happen instead of what COULD happen in the far future. (Here's hopin!)
294. Spending your vacation time adding to this list.
295. Never admitting to the existence of any other sci-fi combat sim.
296. Your nickname is "Frosty", "Stiletto", "Maestro," "Catscratch," "Maverick", or(ten bonus for this one) "maniac".
297. You look at a map of the world, and get pissed when you fail to find the new cities in WC.
298. You always keep an eye on ANY cat you see, no matter how young or small it may be, in fear that it may be on of the Kilrathi spies working of the nar Caxki clan.(You'd have to play WCP or read Dexker's Nephilim: Enlightening to get this one.)
299. You attempt to find Kilrah on the star maps.
300. You actually DO find Kilrah on the star maps.(God, I pity the guy to do this one)
301. You change your name to that of one of the WC characters.
302. The name you take isn't one of the human characters' names.(See 301)
303. You name your first child "Thrakkath."
304. Your family members aren't weirded by that fact.(see 289)
305. Said child becomes a WC junkie and follows in your footsteps.
306. You paint your car in Border World colors, and say it's your land cruising Banshee.
307. You've actually installed laser weapons onto your car.(Bonus if you added hardpoints too)
308. You refer to the overdrive on your car as "After buners".
309. decorating your house like the TCS Victory.
310. You managed get your greasy paws on a real fighter craft, then are disappointed to find that it doesn't have jumpdrive.
311. You refer to your coworkers as "wingmen"
312. Said co-workers refer to you as "wing leader"
313. Your boss is refered to as "The Old Man".
314. You do all this work for the 300th.
315. You have a bar at home and you actually have (or are able to make) all WC
drinks ever mentioned.
316. You get your friends together for a party at home (!), and offer them a round of some misterious purple drinks.
317. When said friends ask you what it is, you answer "BoomBoom". (see 316)
318. You're p***** off 'cause Paladin didn't run for senator this year.
319. You know someone in the high brass in the armed forces that is actually named Geoff Tolwyn
320: when you're finally able to add something to this list again.
321. When you build a life-size cockpit replica around your computer screen.
322. You build a working fighter from WC, and design a computer that's able to run every WC game ever made, with a DVD drive for the WC Movie and WC4 DVD and you put the computer into your fighter.
323. If you restart this thread over and over again
324. (See 322) When you're able to do that and not have your give you a blue screen of death
325. You are referred to by your callsign
326. You built a bar in your house like the one on the Midway and have made cardboard cutouts of the WC careactors so you won't be lonely when you drink.
327. you keep a logbook for Privateer, including, corgo, destenation, kills, ship flying, course, number of jumps, etc, etc, etc...
328. you try to log onto www.durasteel.spa
329. (see 328) you try to get a 10% discount for mentionig the add in the WCM handbook.
330. you try to register for VRsports.
331. you try to invest on the Galaxy Investment Group
332. Your email is something like: Maverick@Earth.Sol.con, or Maverick@Midway.con
333. Your homepage's URL is something like: GWW.NICK.PRIVATEER
334. You know what .con and GWW. stand for
335. When you watch DBZ, you anticipate the momment when Dekker will come and kick everyone's ass
336. Your science teacher ask you what planet in our solar system has the most water and you tell him Nak'tar
337. When you're in a traffic jam, you said "target locked" while trying to aim at the car in front of you (and looking for the trigger on the steering wheel)
339. You replace certain phrases in your vocabulary like "follow me" and "I'll show you" with "form on my wing." .... and then act surprised when people act wierd about it.....
340. You fail math tests because you used the octal system.
341. You cut of two fingers to make counting in octal easier. And you don't regret it...
342: You quote from the Wing Commander novels as you would the Bible. Example

Wing Commander, the book Fleet Action, page 218, first paragraph:

"Weary with exhaustion, Captain Jason Bondarevsky strode across the landing field towards the command post with Admiral Richards behind him. Stepping onto the veranda he coldy eyed the two Landreich guards at the door."

The abridged version: FA 218:1
343: You memorized all the WC ship names (including capships)
344: You were so pissed off that Maniac Missions doesn't exist, you made it yourself.
345. You paid Tom Wilson to do voice overs for it.
346. You think the Kzin are a ripoff of the Kilrathi.
347. You think Top Gun is a ripoff of Wing Commander.
348. You speak entirely in WC quotes.
349. You stole Pilgrim Truth.
350. You're more loyal to the Confederation than to your actual country.
351. You think Chicago has been vaporized.
352. Whenever you watch Star Wars, you think 'hey, that's the guy from Wing Commander!"
353. You know what the Omega Dreadnought is.
354: You tried to install laser turrets on your house.
355: You have actually installed laser turrets on your house.
356: You call your house TCS Midway and your garage hangar bay.
357: You've outfitted your car with an ejection pod.
358:You own a Ford Galaxy.
359:You watch Starship Troopers and think 'Hey, that's somehow familiar to me'
360:You own a kilrathi combat knife.
361:You've used a kilrathi combat knife.
362:You've tried to give the Freespace ships confed skins.
364. You've got a SAM site in your garden
365. You've stolen a plasma gun at the nearest science lab, and you put it on tour car
370. "Lieutenant C. Blair, at your service !" is the way you introduce yourself.
371. "Reporting for duty, Sir" is the way you say you're ready to your boss.
373. When you turn left with your car, you shout out "Hard to port !"
374. "Shields up" is what you say when the police catch you. (and you hope they will work)
375. You don't know what is peace.
376. To pass an exam, you use "Taggart's Tactics"
377. You think it is weird that Vega sector isn't on road maps...
378. You hate tatoos (people with tatoos look like Mandarins)
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