[Tools] A few tools/howto's for WCS... and a hello :-)


Hi all

And... my coder skills are better than my english skills, please have patience. ^^

Here a few of my WCS tools/howto's i think it can help pilots and modders. All tools on this page have the languages English and German.


[HowTo] Joystick: configure throttle and rudder (twist)

This little HowTo explains how the joystick must be configured for full functionality with WCS. In the WCS forums we have a lot pilots with joystick "problems", especially with the Throttle and Rudder function.

[Tool] WCS Setup ZIP Check & UnZip (crc error, unzip problems)

We have also a lot pilots with unzip and/or crc-error problems. So this little tool can do 3 things: 1. check the big WCS ZIP file, 2. unzip the WCS ZIP, 3. start the WCS setup.

[Tool] WCS EPW-Bug Repair Tool (Excalibur has no primary weapons)

This tool can repair the very rare but evil "EPW-Bug" in a game profile. Chris Reid wrote a CIC News about it this year. It's not a patch for the real bug, it can only fix the symptom. But it seems the tool works effective, the feedback was always positive.

[Tool] WCS Debug-Build Support-Tool

DBST should help WCS supporters. It contains the officialy Debug-Build and it have several features for collecting information and data from a pilots computer. So with only one tool we have all the features i explain at point 3.2 in the DBST thread.

[Tool] WCS Pilot Manager

Can clone, rename, backup and delete WCS pilot profiles.

[Tool] WCS Base Auto Extract (Download)

Do you want to change something at mod level or do you plan to create your own WCS missions or campaign or do you simply want a look behind the scenes? Then WCS Base Extract is a good start to first unpack all WCS content very easy and very fast. It supports the original VP's with the officially WCS patch

[Tool] WCS Mouse Trap (Download)

You want to play WCS in window mode and you fly with mouse, but you irritated about lost mouse focus during gameplay? WCS Mouse Trap solves this problem simple and comfortable.

[Tool] WCS Launch On Secondary Monitor (Download)

This tool allows to launch WCS on any secondary monitor with a special fullscreen window mode. It can also coupled with WCS Mouse Trap. It works out-of-the-box with a second monitor but it can also be configured to run on any other secondary monitor (third, fourth etc.).


That's all for now, have fun with WCS and good hunting!

P.S.: Thanks to Kris Vanhecke for information and help about the attachment limits. :)
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