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1. Introduction

Allows several profile actions with a simple interface: clone, backup and delete pilot profiles. WCSPM supports WCS Original and WCS Plus.

The profile management in WCS has two little drawbacks: 1. On Clone only the pilot with settings and active campaign will be copied, but not the inactive campaigns. 2. It's not possible to clone the pilot only with settings. WCSPM fills this gap and offers also a rename and backup function.

2. Functions

  • Clone. The complete pilot profile can be copied. Optionally it's possible to copy only the pilot with his settings, but without campaign progress, statistic and medals. Idealy if the player wish to restart the campaign(s) only with his settings. The pilot name will be checked with the WCS rules.
  • Rename. A simple and safe way to rename all profile files with one single step.
  • Backup. With this it's easy to store single pilots or all pilots with only one mouseclick, after the backup folder was set. The player have the choice between separate archives for every pilot or one single archive for all pilots. Date and time of the last backup will be shown.
  • Delete. A complete profile can be deleted, like in WCS. But optionally the player can also delete all data except the settings.

3. GUI


4. Download

Download from wcsaga.org forum thread
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  • 1 important fix for the Clone feature: produces wrong campaign filenames if the campaign name contains the pilot name (rare cases i think).
  • 1 little fix for the Backup feature: after selecting the backup folder, the last-backup-date was not updated.
  • 1 little fix for the GUI: the buttons on some requesters haven't consequently english labels.
  • New feature: Rename.
  • New display: Campaigns. online

Primary and secondary changes are for the new multi-language system. Included language files are English and Deutsch now.