The Destruction of the Niphilim

Could someone please fill me in regarding the problems of balance with the Behemoth? I've looked everywhere where I live (in Australia) and haven't seen A single WC novel, let along the WC3 novelisation. I could buy them on ebay, but that just is too much hassle and with the current state of the AUD, its a tad costly.

Cheers :) I know you'd come through for me loaf! (see its in the past tense because I can predict you'll help us all out!)
Nope, not a single WC novel in Australia. But plenty of Star Wars novels. ;)

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Luckily, Keith solved the problem and saved us from millions of "WHY DOESNT BLAIR BUILD A MILLION BEHEMOTHS AND BLOW UP THE BORDER WORLDS?????" when WCIV came out.
Because Blair would not have the resources, nor the motive to do such a stupid thing in the first place. :)
I'd suggest looking for speciality bookshops that concentrate on sci fi and fantasy books, rather than the chain stores. If you're really lucky, they might have them in stock, but even if they don't, the small stores are incredibly helpfull in ordering books specially for you. That's how I obtained all the WC novels in New Zealand, except for End Run, which I had to track down online.

Best, Raptor