The Destruction of the Niphilim

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OOO excellent. I'll have to read the thread.

I also wouldn't mind a B5 strategy game, much likre Master of Orion, or like what that ST: Empires at War appears to be. Know what its like?

I know Master of Orion2, which I really like a lot. I also played "Birth of the Federation" which was alsoquite amusing because it was set in the ST universe but it took too long to build up an industry.
But for B5, I really want a sci-fi flight simulator in that universe. Just too cool ships, I'd love to fly.
So.....would the Hades cruiser carried in the mega carrier have it's own fighters, or would these be stationed on the carrier?

Details, details......

Confed HAVE built something like the Death Star, and you didn't need no tectonically unstable was called the Behemoth.

Although, I must admit, the T-Bomb is a NIIIICE piece of kit.
Its just the Behemoth was a bit well, unfinished and unshielded (in parts)...

Very sloppy job in my opinion.
I think you are speaking of the Temblor Bobm loaf. The behemoth could destroy *anything* according to Tolwyn.
That thing was HUGE!! (Behemoth) I agree with the "sloppy" work on not having complete defenses and shielding. With a weapon of such power and size, despite the fact that the war was going bad, I wouldnt have deployed that thing till it was fully operational defensive wise. In fact, I was suprised that there was more escort cover for the Concordia than that thing. I would have a number of carrier escorts covering that thing as well as a good number of fighters surrounding that thing 24/7.

The Behemoth required a techtonically unstable planet to do the amount of damage it was supposed to do. However... it would still hurt a lot if aimed at a target on a stable planet...

Burns, the war was going really bad, you just didn't see it that well from the Victory since you (presumably) won most of the time.

The Behemoth was escorted by a number of capships (refer to the map Eisen goes through with Blair - "escorting the 'Big Boys'"). In any case, if the Behemoth did make it to Kilrah, that would be a lame ending, don't you think? :)
The Concordia, generally speaking had one destroyer as escort. I mean, sure there was a few occasions when she took part in a bigger fleet, but during the two years of WC2, she never had more than one destroyer escort, and frequently less :). Thus, the Behomoth did in fact have more escorts than the Concordia.
Yeah, Behemoth needed a techtonic instability to destroy an entire planet -- Tolwyn mentions this.

The problem with escorting the Behemoth with lots of carrier groups is that there aren't lots of carrier groups left for to escort her... plus, the Kilrathi track fleet movements fairly seriously. :)
When? All I remember was him saying "Anything at the end of the lamcing point will be destroyed." Or something like that. And then Blair or Eisen says: "Even a planet." And then Tolwyn says, "Yes, even a planet." Theres no mention of tectonics there. I still think your thinking of the Temblor Bomb.
Well, Tolwyn isn't exactly famous for speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. :)

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How is that a bad thing? The games have a great story, the novels just add a few extra's. Simple solution ; buy the novels.
The idea of a giant all-destroying gun -- no matter the implied cost -- is enough to make anyone shudder and whimper about power-balancing.

Luckily, Keith solved the problem and saved us from millions of "WHY DOESNT BLAIR BUILD A MILLINO BEHEMEHOTHS AND BLOW UP THE BORDER WORLDS?????" when WCIV came out.

Actually, it didn't. But at least we had an answer.