The Destruction of the Niphilim


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Since the end of the Secret Ops missions, the Confed had been building up the entire fleet for an attack on the Niphilim. This is the story of the days leading up to the war, the war itself, and the destruction of the greatest threat to mankind ever.

Casey stood at attention as the Senator of Earth anounced another phase in the upcoming war. There had been about one hundred such announcements in th past year, including the substitution if all regular fighters with thier black version counterparts. But this one was special, but nobody knew it. The Senator continued his speach "Today we announce the unveiling of a new class of carrier, the Nostridomus class, capable of deploploying one Hades quick strike destroyer, and carries a complement of 1,000 fighters. It's name...the TCS Prophet." Suddenly there was a bright flash and five ships appeared, one was the biggest ship that anyone had ever seen, and as promised it carried a Hades, named the TCS Manticore. The Prophet was accompanied by two AMS(Antimatter Missle Ships) cruisers, the TCS Nuclearbox and the TCS Hiroshima, and two cap ship finders(a new kind of desrtoyer that finds shipps, called Snoopers), the TCS Tahoma and the TCS Riddler. " Goddamn, look at those ships Maestro! They are huge" Casey said. Maestro just grinned and said" I almost feel sorry for the slimy bastards we are going to kill". Casey had to hold back a laugh, but then there was a commotion. "What the hell's going on Casey?" Maestro sounded worried. Thee Senator smiled, which was something he rarely did, "May I introduce Admiral Blair, he will be leading the strike". When Blair stepped onto the podium, the hall erupted in cheers. "Alright ladies and gents, let's go kick some bug ass" this was said in the kind of calm voice that creeps everyone out.
What do you think? I know the details are tedius, but it is necesary to set up the plot.
Originally posted by Nuclearbox
Today we announce the unveiling of a new class of carrier, the Nostridomus class, capable of deploploying one Hades quick strike destroyer, and carries a complement of 1,000 fighters. It's name...the TCS Prophet."
First, the Hades class is a quick strike cruiser, and frankly I find the idea of a carrier carying a 700+ meters long captial ship stupid...

And I hope you have a good explenation for why Blair is still alive, because otherwise it can mess up your whole story.
Don't worry Earthworm, there is a reason, and why do you care what a ship does? I don't have to stick to reality. Oh and there is a reason for the Hades kaunch capability, why have something that big and carry that many fighters if it doesn't carry something big.

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The point of a carrier is to provide a mobile support platform for ships which cannot under ordinary circumstances support themselves in deep space -- which is to say, fighters (which cannot jump or carry extra armaments).

A cruiser -- especially the self sufficient Hades class -- doesn't need to be carried anywhere. In fact, that negates the point of having a self sufficient quick-strike cruiser entirely.
Look Baron, I respect your opinion, but this is MY fic and I WILL do with it what I want to, regardless of what you say, so stop complaining. Just read the damn fic or don't, I don't care.
Ah, but care you do. Fan fiction is pointless if nobody reads it. Now, super-weapons and super-ships of any kind are amongst the very best ways of getting people not to read your fanfic.
Do you think that this is a super ship? Did it ever occur to you that while the Hades is docked that is can't cloak? Did you think because it has the capability that it constantly is like that? I never leave a thing like that unchecked. Can you guess what the missles do? *I'll take planet destruction for 100 Alex.* After all, the big, bad wolves are gonna die!
Looks like ConFed is making a Death Star.....

Blair- you may fire when ready.
(add sound effects here)

Sorry but its too powerful besides it would take several years (+10 years) to make one of those "things".
Confed made a Death Star in WC3 (well... OK... not as powerful as the death star... it needs the planet to be tectonically unstable...)

Chapter One

"Casey, I wan't you to acompany the Admiral and I, you get the privalege of viewing the new missle tests." The Senator said like a spoiled brat who just got a Dodge Viper for Christmas. "May I bring my squad leaders sir?" Casey thaught that they might need to see this stuff too. "Of course you can Casey" chirped Blair. When they arrived in the video deck, Blair singnaled the tapes to start. "These test were conducted on minor planets in the asteroid belt, the missles will only lock on something that weighs 200,000 tons or above" explained Blair. The missle had aquired a lock and was luanched, when it hit it looked like nothing happened, then about a second later the asteroid started cracking apart and exploded into a million pieces. "Now this weapon will do more damage to bigger objects, but the problem is aquiring the lock, you have to be pointed at your target for 20 seconds at 100,000 klicks" Blair continued the lecture, "that's the good news, the bad news is that no fighter can be within 20,000 klicks of the target or they die with the target" Casey grimaced when he realised that most of his fighters and bombers would have to engage targets withing that range. "So we have to be able to break off at command and do it on afterburners" Casey inquired. "Correct" said the Senator, now getting back in the conversation. "Shit, this si going to bite ass" Stilletto cursed. The squadron leaders all sounded thier agreements. "What will suck more is that it will take a year to get trough Kilrathi space at full speed" said Blair, "but remember, I have to deal with it too". "All right guys, gather your pilots and get them to thier bunks and tell them to prepare for launch" ordered Casey.
Hmm... why will it take a year to get there? And I don't think you've told us who you're fighting yet... I assume it's the kilrathi... or the bugs who have taken over Kilrathi space or something...

Isn't it abvious? The Terrans are going into Niphilim space and destroying every one of the bug colonies. With some help from the Kilrathi of course.