That is brilliant! The subtle lighting brings back memories of Armada, where even though the texture included the lighting because of necessity, it still looked great. This is definately my fave WC ship...once again!

zohrath_1: Ever consider using such a high poly model in a sim? =)

And it just me or is the bottom part (the jaws) a bit tall?
Is this the same arrow that was used on the Wing Commander Saga mod? I noticed Tolwyn was diggin' it. If so that's really cool- like seeing what it was like to make history ;).. Kinda like the Terminator's arm that was left in the 80's and used to develope the Terminator of the future (From the movie "Terminator" or course).. The paint job was awesome :D.. One thing I've enjoyed in games from the old "Red Baron" simulator to Homeworld 2 is the option of making your own paint scheme. Wing Commander has it for Kilrathi aces that have custom paint jobs on their fighters, but I wish they allowed you to do that as an ace in the Wing Commander games. Tolwyn and Saga team: if you're reading this, that would be awesome to add some custom paint jobs to Kilrathi fighters (maybe Confed aces too?) to represent ace pilots if it's not too hard to add..
my all time favourite fighter looking gorgeous as ever, good work, high polycount tho must be for show only altho id love to have models like that for my project if i can get that off the ground, i love the detail and the cockpit really is a nice peice of work :) now all i need is a real one instead of my car, now that would be fun