What about neon pink, tye-dye and green circus colors? I'm sure many pirates weren't too big on the conservative ConFleet paintjob and were at liberty to paint their own fighters. You can have some logo on the fighter too, to designate their pirate clan. For example, some clan called the Cherry Busters you can have some sort of boot kicking either a fruit cherry or some female . . . um . . . "biological asset".
You really do your nick justice psych :D

Anyway, it's pretty much all done:





And a spinner!

I'm working on a pirate paintjob atm too.
hehe, if the wrong IFF code and bad-ass paint job didn't give it away, those skulls and crossed-swords just scream "I'm a pirate, I'm a pirate!". That paint job makes this Arrow hands down the meanest ship I've seen in a long time.

Oh and BTW, I get a sucky pirate name, but I am in charge. Prepare to cross cutlasses with . . . Captain Sam Kidd!

Hey Zohrath, you wouldn't mind making that texture available, would you? Because that would be just perfect for a FL mod I'm working on ...
Hail to the Master,

That really looks very very very good. Its simply the best arrow around here. And it lost its extra weight i mentioned earlier. And that pirate texture? Hell, mate thats looks even better. The original one seems a bit too shiny for me, I aint gonna complain.

Will you make some artistic pics with it? (for desktop bg)?