Not liking being accused of making only box models with perfect 90 degree angles, I've also started making an Arrow. It's about 60,000 faces with pretty much only texturing left to do.


Looks very plastic and really authentic.

Good Job! How high is the poligon count of this model? Are there visual tricks like bump mapping enabled because its 'organic' feature?
Your models aren't made at 90 degree angles! More like 30-45 degree angles. LOL j/k :D

Looks good man! But uh, I think your aerodynamic surfaces for the "tails" are flipped back to front. IE they should be mirrored to be correct?

Put some textures on that baby.
Great work. You missed a couple details here and there but I'm sure you know what I mean. And isn't that made an arrow just to show me you can do curves? You must have lots of time on your hands man :)
Haven't been able to do anything except add a few small details I missed before since my last post, been busy getting ready for uni. And saibot, I just wanted to disprove the last point in your original flamepost against me.
Do I need a licence to fly that?

Nice job. The ligthing is really nice too, that makes it so real. But I feel it a bit fat. Maybe when it gets textures it wont. Anyway, its very nice. Good work.

(wish i had a Maya :) )
lorddarthvik said:
(wish i had a Maya :) )

I just want to point out that this model has been created using 3d studio max r 5... I thought you might want to know this :D
Khm. OK then its Max. I have to admit it, I dont have a clue on how to make that kinda shadow.

Check out my low poly arrow in my thread.
okedokey... one thing however> wouldn't it be a wiser choice to use already finished hi res models (of course only if they look better than yours)?
Say, does anyone have screens of the other arrow versions? I think there are three of them, one red and blue, one grey and purple and one green. It'd be nice to have all the different paintjobs.
I think the Arrow in "The Red and the Blue" has a slightly different paintdo.

Also, you should buy one of those rapid prototyping machines and sell Arrow models on eBay :p
Why not invent your own paintjobs? ;) I'm sure what you can come up with would be way cooler than anything we've already seen before.