Alpha Test Game 3

What the ?? xD OMG i was away for the weekend.... xD I`ll revenge my ships ;)

wait a second, you skipped the round? I think thats kinda unfair, the three days i was waiting till something happens and then three another days later its round four? Errr.. ~~~?

btw the quali died XD not reaper ^^
I'm not sure what you're talking about, Pantheos. We didn't skip anything.

As a side note, there were some typos and bugs related to turret point defence which are now cleaned up, Turn 1MP is now in place.
So, is anyone getting turn-related emails? I got one when the EP was ready, but it didn't just send me one for the start of the new turn. Anyone else?
Oh c´mon, why are we still at the Movement Phase?
I just see that Panda hasnt submitted his orders yet.

I havent got an email too btw.
I think Panda is on vacation this week; I sent him an email directly telling him to put his orders in. All we can do is wait.
Got this error message when clicking on game 3:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method missile::take_damage() in /home/agespast/www/www/avacar/phase5/weapon.php on line 172
Now it seems to be back to normal...
Got this error message when clicking on game 3:

Now it seems to be back to normal...

Ha! I haven't had a chance to read the field report, but I'm 90% sure this means (looking at the code) someone just successfully point-defenced a missile... and I'm guessing it didn't go anywhere?

Looks like the take_damage routine is unique to ships; forgot to give a top-level one to the indicator class (and so missiles, as a child of indicator, doesn't know how to take damage).

Oops. Well this is easy enough to fix, sorry to whoever just shot a missile successfully and had it keep coming...

Ah, so what happened is that failure kicked in, so it gave up on the turn. Then when you refreshed, the game got to re-roll the dice; as you can see this time Reaper misses the missile, so the offending line of code never came up. The missile wizzes past, and smashes into Reaper.
Sorry Pantheos: your ship was victim to a bug... anyway, it is fixed for next time this comes up (hopefully?) I wish I had better news, but this is the life of alpha testing! Just think, your 32hp sacrifice has protected generations of future fighters from broken point defence!
So it claimed, I already sent in the movement phase orders for my last ship, even though I did not.

I did a Shelton Slide to evade a missile if that's any help.
(Why i cant edit my posts anymore?)

Wow, Quali, we are now both on one step :D
(Ravager flew faaaar away and Reaper is dead =D)
There's only a short time period where edits are permitted. I think it's something like two hours, though I could be wrong. If edits were permanently allowed, some people could say one thing, then come back and change their original post much later to say something completely different.