Alpha Test Game 3

Setting up games takes me about 30 minutes; just a lot of copy/pasting to do into the database. I can find time to start another in the next week, if you guys wanted to begin organizing it. Testing wise, it would probably be good to wait until I put in a new feature to mess with, like updating the field reports or tailing though.

A question for all of you: I seem to get MP and EP turn emails now, but not CP (when it would announce movement). Are the players getting them at least?
Errrr... Iron, you forgot to turn with your last ship. (you get shot by my rocket, ~~~)
Actually, that was my intention. ;) I wanted to check back with Avacar to see if that's a bug or not. (I can't take evasive action, which might or might not be okay in this case. :p)
Sorry for the stall, I just want to give him a chance to "see" the bug (?).
Actually, that was my intention. ;) I wanted to check back with Avacar to see if that's a bug or not. (I can't take evasive action, which might or might not be okay in this case. :p)
Sorry for the stall, I just want to give him a chance to "see" the bug (?).

Are you refering to the fact that 'Beautious Beast' thinks it needs to put in orders, but a blank window comes up? Hmm this is odd.

So there is a 'no order needed' predictor code that runs at the end of the previous phase. It checks for the following:
  1. Belief that a missile may be incoming on the target.
  2. Belief that we may get a point defence target passing through one of our guns (requires having refires)
  3. Belief we have a tail target (even though tailing itself is broken, the tail targetting is in place)

I've looked through the previous CP and from its point of view (reading through the field report shown in the EP of what happened) I can't see that any of the above are true. This means that you should have had no orders (and thus why the window is blank when you opened it). That said, the game thought *at least* one of those was going to be true, or it would have auto-flagged you as having nor orders.

Anyone out there watching or playing this game, any guesses as to the logic on why Beautious Butch thought it was getting an end-phase order?
Noticed another bug: When I sent my orders for the Butch, the ship was still listed on the right side (intercepted comms). I was then able to click on its name, and the orders screen came up again, as if nothing had happened! I didn't try to send the (no) orders again, since I didn't want to mess up the game... ;)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, bugs galore in 7 EP! ;)
Cavalier failed to perform a Shelton slide, meaning it didn't execute its final turn at the end of the movement. BUT it moved away at afterburner speed... Two things have apparently gone wrong here: First, the DF missiles were able to hit me despite an afterburner maneuver. You might even excuse this, saying that I was moving full speed ahead, right in the direction where the DFs were coming from. But that would mean they would have nailed me right then and there - so no way the explosion is occuring at the current location. ;)

Also, DeathStroke's "Orders" button is waaay up instead of being at the bottom of the info pop-up.
Looks like we're stuck... Panda's orders are still missing for one ship, and as long as that's so, I'm holding back with my own orders to give Avacar a chance to check for those bugs. For now, I'm going to blame the current silence on the season... :p
Yeah, just the busy, holiday season.

I did find the time today to fix the 'orders' button issue. I am also slowly working on the field report visual update.
Good to see we're back in business! ;)
One question regarding turn 8's EP: As far as I understand it, Panda fired an FF missile at Darkness, followed by Darkness releasing a chaff pod. In turn 9 MP there's no mention of whether the chaff pod worked or not, but the missile smashed into DeathStroke instead.
Can I assume that the chaff from Darkness successfully fooled the FF missile, which then hit my ship instead? And if yes, should we be able to release chaff/take evasive action in the EP before? Or at least be able to specify an evasive action just in case? Because if we keep this the way it is now, FF missiles might be more effective once they got fooled once by their primary target. :p

(Um, yes, the amount of question marks in this text somehow contradicts my "one question" intro... ;) )
I hope you saw that i fired an FF-Missile too, so maybe my missle hit you.

Seems like that the FF smashed into my Chaff, that could be possible too.
Hey Guys,

Sorry, I'm still lurking. This does sound like a continuation of the weird non-displayed chaff results. I still can't see why the chaff pods don't always report when they deflect, but I'll look again.
Yeah, well, it would have been nice to know what hit me, but an FF missile deflected by chaff should end its movement and find a new target in the next EP. Not sure if this is the way FFs are working right now, or if it's unclear in my rules. Avacar, can you shed some light on this?
Hmm, neither did I. Strange. It is probably too late, but I bet it through up a 1-time error that someone didn't notice, that prevented the script from getting all the way to the email stage, but wasn't bad enough to break it; maybe related to the updated field report generation for a CP?

Speaking of which, I did put in the field report update for CP phases, so you can now see the results. Thoughts? It seems to eat up a lot of space; do you guys want me to generally shrink the font?
A slightly smaller font would be all right, personally, but that might not be okay for others who prefer larger font sizes.

I was going to suggest using scroll bars, but looks like that's already in place.