A-17 Broadsword

Waaaow. Nice work Howard!

Are those pylons on the belly going to serve a purpose, like external hardpoints for evilly-glinting shipkiller torpedoes?
Beautiful ship; fantastic job.

I think she's looking pretty badass. While I'm at it, any suggestions for additional colorschemes? I got your B-17 WW2 D-day colors coming up, Loaf, and no worries. Any other thoughts?

Some food for thought; I know they're both fighter paint schemes, but those big stabs are begging for some bold images.

Awesome job again, looking forward to seeing more.


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She looks amazing man! Exceptionally done! Definitely my new background.
Now if only you could make a pilot and use my face... :)
Looks great Howard. I'm still trying to decide if the red and blue colours used are a little over-saturated at the moment or not...Part of me feels it detracts from the "realism" a little...As always, a purely personal choice...

As for paint schemes...Ha - A Jolly Rodgers paint scheme would be pretty neat! :)

A few suggestions -
* A banged up, dirty pirate version
* A paint scheme in the same style as the original WC fighters

And a couple of pics for further inspiration...



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Kuhuna: Ooh. I might do the tiger's one...the Jolly Rogers is also an interesting choice. :D
Bar-None: Got a picture of your face? :D
c0mc0: Hmmm... Here's the thing - I've never quite understood why desaturated colors = realism in people's minds. There's no logical reason a paintjob can't be colorful, at least not that I can determine. Sure there's wear and tear on these guys, but paint's cheap, and I imagine it's a matter of some pride keeping your flight deck clean and well-painted.
As for your other suggestions - Neat. I'll do one or two of those.

Here's the 'sword in full-on Tiger's Claw squadron colors. I like it. :D

Next up, the WW2 D-day colors for LOAF.
Wow, that kicks ass!

If it's not too late for suggestions, I've always wanted to see the Broadsword in a classic all Aluminum Paint job, or really lack there of.
Those are fantastic. I really got a kick out of the Claw Broadsword. Amazing - really, words don't do your work justice.
Kahuna: Thanks, I dunno when or if I'll do the tiger scheme, but I appreciate the extra info!
Bar-None: Thanks, and I need a base texture for a pilot's face - your's is as good as anyone's. If you could send me a picture that's mostly front-forward, and one that's profile, I'll stick you in there.

And, LOAF! Here's your WW2 D-Day scheme. Turned out pretty spectacular - It's an excellent choice.

Hoo-boy. She's pretty.
Okay - I made some adjustments to the WW2 paint scheme. I had forgotten the nose art, and the kill markings. This particular Broadsword has downed numerous enemy fighters, two Fralthis, a Ralatha, and a Fraltha. It's also expended several dozen torpedoes.
The "nose art" I used was this:

Something I whipped up for the occasion. :D

I also took another shot at the naked polished aluminum version - I had my falloffs reversed on the last one, and there was no sky to reflect. Both those issues are now fixed, and I think it looks pretty sweet.

Any thoughts?
Ahahahaha, my god. I opened the WWII images and nearly fell over.
So rad.
And hecks yeah, I'm on the pictures right now!
I love it! Great seeing new paint jobs!

Would it be possible to see something Sundowners-inspired? Pretty much the Epee's paint scheme.
I love the 'over the shoulder' view that reveals the instrument panel to the viewer. They look great through the cockpit glass!

The WWII scheme is fantastic. That nose art definitely fits the character of the beast. I think future WC games should include kill markings on your fighter - they look so intimidating!

Incredible work as always...