A-17 Broadsword

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Hey, folks! I've been working on this for about 2 weeks, on and off. Mostly, off, if I'm honest since it's been crunch time at work.
This is serving as a bit of a test bed for Pioneer's rendering tech - Joel and I have made some changes in how the ships are textured and modeled, and we wanted to make sure the system worked. This isn't a finished model, but it is around 85% of the way there. Still remaining are: Landing gear, Correctly textured turrets and engines, Squadron Markings/Paint.
Anyhow, thought it would be a good time to get some feedback. I've also attached some of the reference images I used.


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It always amazes me how you see so much detail in places the original designers left nothing but blank space. That's why your WC1/2 models are my favourite, they are not simple imaginations of parts of a game, they enrich the very franchise itself.
Hope that didn't sound too poetic (or stupid).
The Broadsword is one of my favourite ships, those 3 turrets HAVE to be good for something. Will it get the Privateer paintjob or the trees-in-space camouflage?
Sylvester: Thanks. It remains unlikely that I'll make the Concordia anytime soon. It's just too big of a project to truly tackle. I'd want to do the old girl justice, and I just don't have the inspiration to do it right at the moment.
Red Baron: Thanks! This baby will be outfitted in a variety of squadron markings.
Vinman: That's one of the new rendering options Joel and I are exploring - We're trying to make multiple squadron markings, even alternate markings within a squadron, possible without having to load a huge number of different textures.
So Howard. Whens the new film going to be out, and will you be able to get hold of the original game cast :p

Looks spectacular as always.
What an absolute monster. No wonder she shot down Jalkehi better than most fighters.
That front-view image gives you an idea as to the sheer massive stature this baby had.
I can't wait for a final product. Favorite bomber ever, and she's looking amazing now!
I get more excited opening your threads than presents. I'm surprised and amazed every time.

Thank you for such great images!
Very nice, but a small nitpick: The turret guns need to have muzzle openings or neutron emitters or whatever at the tips--right now they seem to just be solid and not very gun-like.
Dundradal: Thanks.
NinjaLA: I get PAID? Awesome!
Bar-None: She is very, very impressive, and from pretty much every angle looks just foreboding.
ELTEE: You're welcome!
Aeronautico: Thanks.
Ijuin: Turrets correctly updated now - good catch. :D
Wedge009: :D
Haliwali: Well, best guess is sometime around the first of next year. Maybe sooner, depending on how much of a fire I can light under Joel. I'll see if I can get him to release a simple turntable demo to test compatibility of his engine.
Vinman: Yeah, ouch.

So, blocked in the landing gear, got the Turrets fully textured. Still have to finish the rough interiors and landing gear internals.





Enjoy, and any crits are welcome.
Enjoy, and any crits are welcome.
Only criticism I have is more of a request: can you please put the images as attachments rather than in-line? It kills to have so many huge image downloading at once. Not everyone in the world has lightning-fast Internet. ):

Other than that, it looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing the final results.