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Antonio Delgado# 553 

Name Antonio Delgado
Faction Pirate
Race Human
Died Between 2671.015 and 2671.019
About Antonio Delgado was a Spanish-speaking resistance leader on Siva during the Kilrathi occupation. Back then he occasionally had dealings with Zachary Banfeld.

In 2668 Delgado was recruited into Y-12 by Clark Williams and slipped into Zachary Banfeld's Guild to keep them informed of the Guild's activities. He was a reliable agent, sending regular reports to Williams at the Confederation Embassy Compound in Newburg, Landreich.

He quickly rose through the ranks and was appointed commander of the secret Guild Base on Hell Hole. Though he was disrespectful to his superiors, including Banfeld, he was considered one of their finest members.

When Zachary Banfeld intended to take the scoutship Highwayman straight into Ukar dai Ragark's Hralgkrak Province to alert Baron Ghraddif nar Dhores of Project Goliath, Delgado realized this would hurt Y-12's interests. He sabotaged the ship's cloaking device and said the ship would need three days maintenance. On 2671.015 he alerted Clark Williams at the Confederation Embassy Compound, hoping he'd bought them enough time to react. Banfeld discovered he'd been sending reports by burst signal by monitoring the base's power usage. After Delgado's security codes had been cracked, Banfeld confronted him. Delgado was shot in the knee and Banfeld had him tortured to find out everything he had revealed about the Guild over the past three years.

It's not known if Antonio Delgado survided questioning, but the Guild Base on Hell Hole was destroyed on 2671.019 by the FRLS Independence battle group. It is unlikely that any of the Guildsmen bothered to take him with them when the base was evacuated just ahead of the Landreich strike.

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