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John Dekker# 208 

Name John Dekker
Callsign Gash
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Residence TCS Midway
About John Dekker was drafted in to the Marine Corps at the height of theKilrathi war. He was medivaced out of a three night bivouac when he gave himself paper cut with a foil package of rations. The cut required hospital attention. The drill sergeant later decreed that his name among marines would be "Gash."

Dekker earned several citations for valor in his first two years of duty and he applied to OCS. After being posted to Repleetah, Dekker was taken prisoner by the Kilrathi. After a near-fatal interrogation, he was sent to aslave labor mining camp for four years. The camp was liberated a few months before the false armistice.

After the war, Dekker became a mercenary for a while, but couldn't stomach theethical compromises required by the profession so he ended up in the Border Worlds Marine Corps where he was given a marine company and was made a Lieutenant Colonel. Dekker's marine company was assigned to the BWS Intrepid by Admiral Wilford.

Dekker was lured back to Confed by promise of duty aboard Midway. At the invitation of Senator James Taggart, Dekker has testified several times before Confed Senate committees "in support of acts to provide restitution to the families of Repleetah casualties." Dekker never married.

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