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Raul Dominguez# 202 

Name Raul Dominguez
Faction Union of Border Worlds
Race Human
Died 2673.220
Residence BWS Intrepid
About Raul Dominguez was a good friend of William Eisen. Dominguez was two classes ahead of Eisen at the Academy, and they served together during the Venice Offensive.

While he was captain of the BWS Intrepid, Dominguez persuaded Eisen to defect to the Union of Border Worlds in 2673, however Dominguez was killed in an attack on the Intrepid by Confederation forces before Eisen left the TCS Lexington to defect.

Dominguez was on the Intrepid's bridge when the TCS Achilles attacked and launched two torpedoes at the Intrepid. The torpedoes blew out the Intrepid's bridge and crew quarters.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 7 2003


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