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BWS Intrepid (CV 06)# 1275 

Name BWS Intrepid (CV 06)
Class Durango class Heavy Destroyer
Note Durango class Heavy Destroyer
Faction Union of Border Worlds
About The BWS Intrepid was built from the TCS Delphi, an old Confederation destroyer, and reconfigured as a light carrier. It was the flagship of the Border Worlds fleet.

The Intrepid is also called the Evil I: Ships named Inteprid all seem to have bad luck. In the early days of the Black Lance incident, the Intrepid's bridge was destroyed and the crew quarters were blown out where the TCS Achilles launched a pair of torpedoes at the Intrepid. The Intrepid's captain Raul Dominguez was killed.

Following that attack, a replacement bridge and Combat Information Center were installed in the Auxilliary Control Room. William Eisen, who had recently defected from the Confederation became the Intrepid's captain briefly, but he soon departed to gather evidence that the Confederation was behind the unprovoked attacks on civilians, leaving Blair in command of the Intrepid.

Following the Black Lance affair, the Intrepid became a training ship for potential pilots.

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