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Jimmy Cafrelli# 178 

Name Jimmy Cafrelli
Rank Ensign
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
About Blonde-haired Jimmy Cafrelli was about 19 when he was assigned to the Tiger's Claw as a technician.
Like most people on their first assignment he was very nervous about getting jumped by the Kilrathi.

He went down to Firekka on shore leave while the Tiger's Claw was there for Firekkan signing of the Articles of Confederation. He'd never met an alien before and Hunter told him the Firekkans were 6-foot bugs with deadly stingers, who tied up mammals (and even people) in their nests to breed their young in.

Cafrelli specialized in Confederation fighters as well as Kilrathi engineering systems. He had studied Fralthi debris at Confed HQ, which came in handy when he was sent in with the marines boarding the Ras Nik'hra. He prepared the captured Fralthi for its journey to Confederation High Command.

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