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Lance Casey# 1485 

Name Lance Casey
Rank 1st Lieutenant
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Residence TCS Cerberus
About Lance Casey's father is Michael Casey. Six months his father's marriage, Lance Casey was born. Lance's career is quite undistinguished. His main extracurricular activities were sports, earning him team honors on several different squads.
After highschool he took a couple of years off, living at home assisting his mother with the spaceport diner she had recently bought.
During his final year of eligability, Casey applied to Space Force Academy and was accepted, partly due to favors granted to orphan children of aces.

Casey proved to be natural pilot, but was brash earning him large collection of demerits.
After graduation, Lance assigned milk runs, shuttling ambassadors and diplomats in fast transports. Casey got in to mischief between missions and narrowly avoided career-ending charges several times.
Lance was being watched by Senator Taggart, who influenced a transfer for Casey on to the Midway, hoping that military discipline would solve the problems.

His friend Maxwell Garrett pulled strings to get a soft first assignment for himself and Casey ferrying diplomats around space, but they were both later rotated to the TCS Midway where they quickly rose through the squadrons, soon reaching the top Wolf Pack squadron.

Soon after Casey's arrival on the Midway, the Nephilim aliens attacked and Casey played a large role in defeating the alien forces and destroying their wormhole. In a few short months, Casey was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and had earned the Confederation Flying Cross and a Silver star.

Following the initial Nephilim encounter, Casey was transferred to the Special Operations division and the TCS Cerberus, where again he played a large part in repelling renewed alien attacks.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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