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Jacob Manley# 114 

Name Jacob Manley
Callsign Hawk
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Homeworld Mylon 2
Residence TCS Midway
About Jacob Manley is the commander of the Black Widow squadron. His large bowie knife is his "trademark"
Manley grew up on the "economically depressed industrial world of Mylon 2". His family were poor, but he studied hard in school and achieved good grades.

After his graduation, Manley enlisted as a comm tech in the Space Force, and he was posted aboard the Tiger's Claw.
Being a comm tech didn't interest Manley for long, and he soon moved on to OCS. While Manley was in in flight school, the Kilrathi proton bombed Mylon 2, killing his family.

The Mylon incident deepened his friendship with Michael Casey who had a deep hate for the Kilrathi.

On one of Jacob Manley's first missions, three of his wingmen died, including two bunk mates. He was traumatised from the experience, until he was pulled aside by then-Major Michael Casey for a talk. Michael signed on as Jacob's wingman, and had to "kill a clan" of Kilrathi until Manley pulled himself together.

Manley flew for the last decade of the Kilrathi war stationed mainly in the Astoria system, earning his 5 kill ace ribbon and a citation for bravery defending Earth after the false Armistice.

He scored 96 kills with the fleet. He would have gotten 100 and his Century Award, but then Christopher Blair ended the war with the Temblor Bomb run on Kilrah. After the war, he was taken out of fleet service for being reckless and endangering lives and property so Manley instructed at the TCSF flight school. During atraining exercise, he ordered a trainee to do a dangerous maneuver in an asteroid field, killing the trainee. Manley was reprimanded for negligence and dismissed from the post.

He then arrived in the Border Worlds where he was offered a commission in the planetary defense navy, and he began serving aboard the BWS Intrepid. Eugene Wilford brought Manley with him to the Midway to become the top man on the flight roster.

While on the Midway, a rookie pilot Lance Casey experienced the same trauma as he did back when he lost three of his wingman, so Manley pulled the rookie aside and performed the same service as the rookie's father had for him.

Not long afterwards, Manley is killed in action while on reconnaisance after being jumped by two squadrons of aliens. Manley never married.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 7 2003


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