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KF-227 Salthi class Light/Stealth Fighter/Bomber# 1454 

Name KF-227 Salthi class Light/Stealth Fighter/Bomber
Faction Privateer
About A Salthi will always turn to the left due to the way its engines and ducts are arranged.

While Salthis were mainly flown by the Kilrathi in 2654-2655, the Kilrathi sold some Salthis to the Church of Man in 2670. The Church of Man managed to equip the fighters with stealth technology and Steltek guns. The specifications of this modified Salthi are unknown.

Class Light Fighter
Length 24 meters
Mass 12 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 480 kps
Cruise Velocity 300 kps
Acceleration Excellent
Max Afterburner Velocity ??? kps
Max Y/P/R 14/12/12 deg/s
Guns Lasers (2)
Missile Hardpoints 1x1 DF
Front Shield 3.5 cm
Rear Shield 3.5 cm
Front Armor 3 cm
Rear Armor 2 cm
Right/Left Armor 1.5 cm
Jump Capable No

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