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Fralthi class Cruiser# 1368 

Name Fralthi class Cruiser
Faction Kilrathi Empire
About The Fralthi was a huge ship with at least seven engines. The launch deck was a vacuum since the Kilrathi didn't have magnetic shields (holding the atmosphere in) at that time.

Class Cruiser/Light Carrier
Length 500 meters
Mass 20,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 180 kps
Cruise Velocity 120 kps
Acceleration Poor
Max Y/P/R 2/2/2 deg/s
Guns Turreted Lasers (6)
Missiles 1x1 IR
Front Shield 27 cm
Rear Shield 17 cm
Front Armor 28 cm
Rear Armor 14 cm
Right/Left Armor 26 cm
Fighter Complement Light
Jump Capable Yes

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