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TCS Lexington (CV-44)# 1232 

Name TCS Lexington (CV-44)
Class Concordia class Fleet Carrier
Note Concordia class Fleet Carrier
Faction Terran Confederation
About This TCS Lexington is the 11th ship in history to bear the name Lexington.

The TCS Lexington at Earth and only running on one reactor when the Third Fleet fell back to Earth during the Battle of Sirius. The Lexington was assigned to serve as a target to spread out the enemy. At that time the Lexington carried just 57 fighters. After the Battle of Earth, Lexington had internal fires and was threatening to blow, however it survived.

After the Battle of Earth, all that was left was the hull. The Fleet decided it was better than nothing and had it rebuilt. In the end it turned out it would have been cheaper to build a new one from scratch.

Also known as Lady Lex, the Grey Ghost because it was resurrected from the dead, it was put into service before the end of the war.

By the time Blair arrived on board in 2673, part of the ship had been taken over by Tolwyn's researchers. The were evaluating Kilrathi technology and they had over a dozen Kilrathi fighters disassembled. They used a squadron of Hellcats and Thunderbolts for testing. The money comes from black budget, and not even Captain Eisen was allowed in their sections. With part of the ship reserved for research, the Lexington was down to 60 active pilots.

After Captain Eisen and a number of pilots including Blair defected to the Border Worlds, Captain Paulsen ordered the Lexington to go after the BWS Intrepid without her escorts. A sloppy move by Paulson. Blair's wing hid in the upper atmosphere of Masa III, so they could remain hidden and hit the Lexington as she passes. Blair disabled the carrier with Leech technology, leaving the ship intact and causing minimal casualties.

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