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Aurora Finley# 113 

Name Aurora Finley
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Residence TCS Midway
About Aurora Finley started her life in Confed by accepting a Space Force ROTC scholarship to finance her education. Originally intending to spend a few years fulfilling her service obligation before going in to research or teaching, she found it difficult to leave the military.

After earning a BS in Astrophysics, Confed financed post-graduate degrees in Planetary Engineering and Hyper-spacial Topology. The Confederation assigned her several fascinating multi-discipline projects in the field, and Finley eventually found herself running the projects before being assigned to run the TCS Midway's Scientific Services division.

Her services proved valuable straight away when the Midway encountered the Nephilim race particularly when she is able to extra key Nephilim codes and data from a captured signal buoy and when she saves numerous lives by detecting that the Kilrathi base of Dula 7 is rigged to explode.

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Last modified Aug 1 2003


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