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FRLS Normandy (CVE-6)# 1092 

Name FRLS Normandy (CVE-6)
Class Escort Carrier - (ex. TCS Tarawa)
Note Fleet Action Landreich Escort Carrier
Lost 2668.341
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
About The FRLS Normandy was originally a Confederation Escort Carrier. Geoffrey Tolwyn had arranged for someone to "buy" the Wake and four other decommissioned Escort Carriers (Tarawa, Iwo, Crete and Wake) in 2668. They were supposedly going to serve as civilian transports.

They managed to break away from their decommissioning yards, despite protests from the peace commission questioning the legality of the sale. Lawyers were at Confed HQ arguing the sale was legal.

FRLS Normandy was destroyed by a torpedo attack from a Kilrathi cruiser in Hari space. Normandy's torpedoes destroy the cruiser in turn.

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