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PART IV: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why wasn't Christopher Blair born in 2637? What about Todd Marshall?
A: Although the Victory Streak manual sets both their ages at 32 in their respective interviews, they are definitely older. Being born in '37 would conflict with Maniac's age of 23 in Claw Marks (2654) and would mean that Maverick's parents died two years before he was born. Both characters probably lied about their ages to their interviewers.
Q: Why isn't the Iason incident more detailed, like it is in the Confederation Handbook?
A: Due to several major differences in the events listed in the Handbook and in Voices of War (the number & type of Kilrathi ships & the dates) the destruction of the TCS Iason and the CS Iason are being treated as two different events.
Q: Why wasn't Geoffrey Tolwyn born in 2592?
A: Pilgrim Stars implies that Tolwyn is 62 years old -- however, Action Stations says that is his 21 in 2634. Since it doesn't seem right for him to graduate at 42, and to die at 81, we will use the Action Stations age and assume that the 62 refers to Space Marshall Gregarov in Pilgrim Stars.
Q: Why is Admiral Wilson so old?
A: Since only one date has been given for his birth, that must be used. Even though it doesn't seem right...
Q: Did anyone actually ask these questions?
A: No, never.