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Of late I have recieved some e-mail from Wing Commander fans expressing the following opinion: "(blank} was not intended to fit with the rest of the Wing Commander Universe! Your timeline is useless because you've included it!". The blank can be filled with any of the following: Privateer, The Movie, Baen Novels, Wing Commander Academy and The Darkening. Although I understand some of these points of view, I must decline in altering the timeline in any way -- for the following reasons.

There is not now, nor has there ever been a grand design for the Wing Commander Universe. Every game starting with Secret Missions 1 has been tacked on to a steadily larger ball of string. Origin does not have a Wing Commander bible, and it has been through the diligence of dedicated employees and plain old luck that the universe is as continous as it is.

The point of the timeline is to list events, not to 'create' a new history where everything flows together. For the same reason that I have made no reason to 'hide' continuity errors, I shall make no effort to 'hide' sources that cause them. The timeline is simply a list of events... to remove certain events (and sources) to make it flow would be a grave mistake.

Furthermore, many of the people who have contacted me regarding these 'problems' do so simply because they 'dislike' the sources in question. The fact that you didn't enjoy the new controls in Privateer 2 or the Pilgrim background for Blair in the movie doesn't mean that there is an incontinuity. Please consider that *I* may not have enjoyed these things either. For people who simply cannot live with a source I have been very carefull to properly credit each entry. Simply slice out all the [WCATV]'s if you don't want to think about the TV show.

That said, please enjoy the timeline -- that's what it's here for.

Ben Lesnick