Your first Wing Commander game?


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AKAImBatman said:
Whoa. I think many of us were like "where's the rest of the game?!" :)

Well, at the time the only air combat game i had played was bomber, so it was quite amazing, even without a story. :)


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WC3 on the playstation, My mate had the game but HATED it so I copped a loan of it and it was amazing! I just got my playstation then so I had no memory card and the game kept on crashing around the Tamayo system but itwas so good I kept on playing up until that point until I got one.


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My first Wing Commander game was WC IV for the Playstation (I believe), and that was mostly because either my brother or my father told me that Mark Hamill was in it, although I did like the Wing Commander Academy TV show.

Now I can also recall a time when I rented the first Wing Commander for the SNES, I remember that I couldn't figure out how to go into auto-pilot so spent most of my time in the sim. I think that was after Price of Freedom, but I am not completely sure.


The first Wing Commander game (and first ever PC game) I played was WC3 and I was only 6 years old at the time. Being that young I wasn't very good at it and it took me ages to do certain missions, especially since I didn't know you could lower the difficulty. Nevertheless, I had loads of fun with that game and it drew me into the Wing Commander universe.
My first one was Wing Commander III on the PC, and my God it was great. I couldn't believe a game could be so cinematic. The next game I got was Prophecy when it came out, and then a few weeks later discovered WC IV. I couldn't believe it, so I stopped playing Prophecy and started WC IV, and IV easily became my favourite :D


My first one was WC1, played it in '91 IIRC, it was the best game around at the time & I was totally blown away from the start. I got WC2 as soon as I finished the 2 SM packs. Playing WC with speech for the first time was sooo :cool:
But nothing could have prepared me for WC3, wich is my favorite
Did the original recordings of WC3 survive somewhere ? The video quality in the game was sufficient for a 14" screen, but now, they should be able to use the master tapes (it was recorded on video tape) for a HQ remake
WC, 2nd PC game I ever bought. I couldn't get over how cool it was (still is). I got so immersed in the plot and game play. Origin made me a fan for life from day 1.


WC3 for the Playstation. It's still one of my favorite games in fact; much better than WC4. It combined a pseudo-sim-like feel with a shooter. WC4 was ok, but I missed some of the features of WC3. Now, I finally got ahold of WCP:Gold for the PC, and I'm loving it!


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StarFire_MK2 said:
WC3 for the Playstation. It's still one of my favorite games in fact; much better than WC4. It combined a pseudo-sim-like feel with a shooter. WC4 was ok, but I missed some of the features of WC3. Now, I finally got ahold of WCP:Gold for the PC, and I'm loving it!

I'm not really disagreeing with you, but would like to know if you only played wc4 for PSX. If so, you should know that the psx version of WC4 was "abridged". Unlike wc3 for psx which kept all the PC features (except ground missions), The wc4 psx team simplified the controls a bunch and even cut certain missions and video sequences (IIRC circe/spearadon is missing plus other sequences too) There were some inprovements, though, such as analog support and rumble effects. But ultimately one should try and play this game on the PC.


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The first Wing Commander game I ever played was Wing Commander: Prophecy for the GBA. I was floored by the game, the first GBA game that I REALLY enjoyed. I was finally able to hop into the pilot's seat with controls that were fairly easy to master. And the missions were so exciting, having to save the Midway with seconds to go and only one missile left. I haven't played it for a while...I should get back to it this summer.


I got WC1 and WC2 simultanously from a friend of my father with the expansions in 1994 I think if not sooner. Played them on a 486 66mHz I think, worked great.

I was absolutely blown away by the graphics, storyline-missions combo. Odd thing is that I thought that the Taunt feature was the best feature of the game.


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Wing Commander I of course, on a 286 with 16 colors EGA graphics and PC speaker. Man, what a nightmare. Later I saw a friend of mine playing it in VGA and I was blown away. Anyone remember the huge amount of time required to install WC1 ? :rolleyes:

After that I bought a Quickshot (?) sound card just to play Privateer.


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Super Wing Commander on the 3DO. It lacked the instructional manual and only had Claw Marks with it (traded in game). So i had to figure out what every key was, and what key-combo's allowed certain things.

In the first few hours, i blew up the Tiger's Claw several times because i didn't knew what to do :p


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WCII. My dad bought me an Electronic Arts "Top Ten Pak" which was on CD. It had WCII, Seal Team, Kasporov's Gambit, Ultrabots, and some other games I never bothered with. It was in 1993, I think. I was hooked. The computer back then was a 386.


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haha so many fond memories and so much fun...
Say when you were playing any of the wc games for the first time 1,2,3,4 or 5 where there moments where some of the missions make you go crazy because you could not complete the objectives..