Your first Wing Commander game?


What was the first Wing Commander game you played?

I remember the first Wing Command game I played was Wing Commander II on my 386 with just the PC speakers. Eventually I did get a 8 bit sound card later on and I was knocked off my feet when the character started to talk!

The game was on those 5 inch floppies so installation was such a pain.

When the game started up with it's intro it like wow the graphics look amazing.

I figure out how to launch the ship and after that I said to myself, "So what do I do now?" I didn't know I was suppose to use the autopilot by pressing "A". I didn't read the manual.

I ended up attacking my wingman and the space station of course they blew me up. :)

So what was your first experience with your first Wing Commander game?
There is another threat somewhere, I think it was first Wing commander experience.
My first was playing WC2 on my 486 25sx ah those computers where fun with only 80meg hard drive
I was blown away with the sound quality and the way it was done.
Of course of the years that follow it got better and brighter and more enjoyable to play.
My first game was Wing Commander which I played on my family's brand new 486 DX2 50MHz machine, with SuperVGA graphics, 200MB hard disk, and 4 MEGS (!) of RAM! Wing Commander actually ran a smidge fast, but I didn't know that at the time. After reading all the reviews, I personally thought it was the coolest game ever and had to have it. It just so happened that my mom had a ten dollar off certificate at Walden Software and I had enough money to cover the rest. Best. Game. Ever.

Been a fan ever since. :)
WC1 on my friend's dad's brand new PC in 1990. My dad's Tandy-1000 with monochrome monitor and no hard drive had no ability to run WC. Hell, it could barely play Sierra's Space Quest 1 (another favorite of mine). The first WC game I purchased was WC1 for the Super Nintendo.

Honestly I didnt really "get it" right away. My cousin and I would eject every mission just to see the next cinematic in SM1. It wasnt untill WC2 hooked me that I eventually went back and properly played wc1 and SM1+2.
The 1990 Electronics Gaming Monthly article on Wing Commander got me salivating before I even played the game. It was love at first sight!
The first one I ever played was the Sega CD version of the first Wing Commander. After that I was hooked all the way through.
My first Wing Commander was Wing Commander 1 in 1990/91 on a 486/33Mhz.
My most anticipated game was WC3. I still remember the day I bought it. It was most expensive game I ever bought, but it was worth it. I still had the 486/33 and it was painfully slow during gameplay, but I still loved it.
I first played wing commander 1 on an Amiga 600. The game ran slower then a snail fighting against a blizzard. I was too young to care however and had great fun.
My first WC experience was Privateer, which I picked up at the then-local mall (when in Groton, CT, for sub school) to go on my new PC (that craptacular Tandy PC clone I previously mentioned over in the "first computer" thread in the OT zone). Only had music, as the digital effects relied on Win3.1 drivers (which of course did me no good for a pure DOS only game) until I got a SoundBlaster (original), but I spent hours playing that game, with a cheap Radio Shaft^H^Hck 2-button joystick.
My first WC game was Secret Missions for the SNES back in 93. My parents were going away for a week and my brother and I were going to stay with my cousins. My dad bought us Secret Missions as a present before they left. We ended up playing almost all week. :) Man that was awesome.
My first Wing Commander experience was Wing Commander 2, shortly after it came out. I must have been 8 at the time.
wing commander 1 on my 286/20 with VGA and a soundblaster pro clone and an extremely large ugly and very cheap joystick.
Wing Commander 2 (the Deluxe CD version with speech) on the family 386-whatever...I remember it well because I had to copy files from the CD onto the hard drive, then disable the CD drive to free up enough memory so I could play it with sound. But in the end, DEFINITELY worth all the headache and then some. :)

Didn't play Wing Commander again, though, till Prophecy...then spent years reading peoples' comments on the earlier games, finally caved in one day, and spent a small fortune to buy the Kilrathi Saga and WCIV...then played WC1-4 through start to finish, one right after another.

Still like 4 the best, though I did like the gameplay of Prophecy...but still, none of these would have been possible if I didn't get really hooked on WC2 back in the day...ah the memories... :)

- FireFalcon ~};^
WC1 on my old amiga 500+ with an extra meg of ram (with 2 megs it flew) i only came across the game by accident it was some sort of free give away but thanks 2 that game my life is ruined i cant even look at my cat with out shouting DIE FURBALL!!!!!!!!
Academy, 1995. I thought it was the best game ever, and was quite shocked when i found that the other WC games were even better. I think the part of the game that amazed me the most, was the cockpits, and cockpit damages...
Dyret said:
Academy, 1995. I thought it was the best game ever,

Whoa. I think many of us were like "where's the rest of the game?!" :)

Thankfully, I got my copy at Toys'R'Us as a $5 clearance item, so I didn't feel too gyped.