You Might Be A Wingnut!

Heh, I realised I still had a copy of TMNT2 (movie). David Warner as a professor, hee! Vagabond didn't do any fighting, though.
I popped a thread a long time ago of my surprise to learn that Vagabond was Shredder in that movie, but I completely forgot about Tolwyn's role. As soon as I saw the professor character and heard his English accent, I straightaway thought, "David Warner!" :)
Car license plates in the UK are currently
XX - 2 char code for the place the car was registered (eg, BO is Birmingham)
A - either a 0 or a 5 to represent March or September (the month of registration)
B - the last year digit - eg 4 = 2004,
YYY - a 3 char code - purely to keep the licence plate as unique as possible.


You might be a Wingnut if you get a license plate of BO55 MAN
Car license plates in California use a 7 digit combination of letters and numbers where a number then a letter then the rest numbers is a commercial vehicle or pickup truck (eg, 1A23456)

A number then two letters then more numbers is a trailer (eg, 1AB2345)

And a number then three letters then more numbers is a passenger car, minivan, or SUV (eg, 1ABC234)

A lot of car thieves don't know this and are easily spotted when they switch the plates. However, the DMV will let you customize your plate to whatever you want so if you get a license plate of WINGNUT, you might be a Wingnut.