You Might Be A Wingnut!

TopGun said:
Well being as the TIE-Fighter has no Shields, that would be easy
That and the fact that both death stars seemed to be highly flammable.
LeHah said:
You might be a wingnut - if you don't like this thread.
Especially if you don't like a thread, but have still posted in it twice. I suppose that could make me a Wingnut too, since I've also done that in threads I don't like.
Mjr. Whoopass said:
Especially if you don't like a thread, but have still posted in it twice.

"Witty truisms" are a lot like the short-lived Ferris Bueller TV show - unfunny and damned annoying.
Alot of people find Jeff Foxwothy's jokes annoying and I can understand that. Although I don't mind them, I've never watched his entire routine without getting bored and flipping the channel. The choice of the "might be a Wingnut" format was merely a formality to allow us Wing Commander fans to post jokes and express the extent of our enjoyment of the Wing Commander universe. I just get a kick out of reading some of the funny jokes and interesting habits of the other posters. If you hate Jeff Foxworthy and the "might be" format, by all means use a different style. For instance, on page 2 of this thread Meson linked a page where alot of WC fans posted, which I found hilarious. The style they used was "You are a Wing Commander Junkie If...". Of course if you don't like these kinds of WC jokes in general, I would recommend not visiting this thread, but of course that's y'alls choice ;).... To be fair though, I've enjoyed some of the humorous criticisms of the thread done in good taste by people who don't like it.. as long as they're funny and aren't offensive or hateful.