WOW This game is crazy!


A Standoff Fan

Well, the creators could always have changed the laser speed to WC4 level, as they did with the mass drivers.


Mr. Standoff
The laser speed is already the same as in WC4. It's just that in WCP's engine, when you fire 2 lasers simultaneously, their refire delay doubles, and in WC4 the refire delay would be the same even if you were firing 4 lasers simultaneously.

Lazy Panda

Hmm, if there is going to be an Unknown Enemy 2, please add ferrets to the list of fyable ships, or give us a big choice of ships, starlancer-style. Oh, and I want to try that Rapier IV too.....


Unknown Enemy
A big choice of ships, like in Freelancer where you could fly any ship you wanted, as long as it was identical to all the other ships? :p

Anyway, at the moment I would say that if there is a UE2, you will definitely get to fly the Rapier IV a few times, but probably not the Ferret... there will be another patrol fighter instead.


I finally got a better computer and now I can play Prophecy and Secret OPs but the first thing I did was download the mods and I LOVE this one! Thanks for giving the Scim back to us! Its so much fun to go back to t he grassroots of WC. I also like the guns on the Scim. BRRRRRT!!! Thanks guys this game is bitchin!


Tracker Mirvs

The tracer mirvs are useful in secret ops. They are good for scrambling incoming waves. When used against multiple oncoming Devil Rays, they scramble, rather than bearing down on you all at once. But they are limited to these plus a few minor other uses. I cant wait to get UE working so I can try flying redundant ships at the devils.

The barracuda's do use torps in WCSO, but rarely get the chance to get that close to your Cap, their preferred target.