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And believe me, I am still alive. I'm doing science and I'm still alive. I crap, because I'm only running on three hours sleep yesterday thanks to freakin #okwx, but I'm mostly still alive......

How do you translate #okwx into Kilrathi anyways? So let's see...that stands for "Oklahoma Weather", I established "Oklahoma" as b'hra'hra when I translated "Okie from Muskogee" (so that wasn't a worthless exercise) and the Kilrathi word for weather is gadaknakal. So it's gadaknakal b'hra'hra in Kilrathi; going to submit #gnbhh as the Kilrathi equivalent hashtag.

What's the Kilrathi word for "hashtag"?

So I guess now y'all believe me on the whole "three hours sleep" thing...

No damage where I live; most of it was north and west. West side of town had some storm damage. A friend of mine was at work and got to ride through the thing; she said her building shook.