Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

I like the liveries on the ships but I think the un-livery ones should be included as well. At least in SO. The old Diamondback and Black Widow squadrons don't really exist in SO, since you're on the Cerberus. There's also many more "loose" Confed ships not part of your homebase that aren't in those squadrons either but fly those ships.

There should be two sets of MATs, one for WCP, one for SO. The "generic" confed mats should still exist in SO. This bug is logged.
Also, installing the MUP on the GOG version of WC Prophecy Gold makes the game ask for a CD each time it is started up.
Thanks for submitting this. Can you tell me if you see a file named "goggame.dll" in your GoG WCP folder ? I assumed that my installer had to deliver the GoG version of prophecy.exe when that file is present, but maybe not all versions of the GoG installer put it there ? Is it a straight install from GoG's installer, @Kevin Caccamo ?
Attention pilots: A revised alpha 2.1 version with the piranha fixes and engine thrust cones has been uploaded and is available using the link above. Please replace your old install with the new one.

Good hunting!
Yes. I was taking a close look at the Tigershark, and I noticed it is missing a few polys:

Likewise for the Vampire:
I like to remind myself how awesome this project is by doing some comparisons. This is the the panther as I originally played the game *gasp* 20 years ago:

This is with the OpenGL renderer and new background art:

And now the new model:
We sort of "soft launched" alpha 2.1 because it was the first installer where we forked the assets between Prophecy and Secret Ops. So I wasn't sure how many teething problems we were going to get. But we've hit the major ones and will be pushing a 2.2 in a bit with the model fixes that @Kevin Caccamo noted.

However, because we should really do some more fanfare: