Wing Commander Multiplayer Hub Launched (August 16, 2015)


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Over the years, Wingnuts have come up with various workarounds, patches, and methods to take advantage of the Wing Commander multiplayer options. That information has been scattered across dozens of places for years but we now bring it to you in one easy to access, and update, location: The Wing Commander Multiplayer Hub.

This is intended to be a "living document", where all wingnuts can add to it as new information and methods become available. Currently, Wingnuts can find information for Arena, Armada/PG, Prophecy, Prophecy GBA, WC Customizable Card Game, and Flag Commander (HW2 Mod).

Give it a look over and if you see any information missing, be sure to add it!

Original update published on August 16, 2015