Wing Commander GAMEDAT - Between the Lines


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With the help from WCToolbox, I was able to look into GAMEDAT files from Wing Commander and managed to get a glimpse on how this game works. Here I decided to post a number of questions, especially about mission story elements, I find curious while exploring them so we can share and see if any of them were already unraveled or if they are fresh new ones in two decades of CIC history.

This is a line of generic phonetics, but Goddard 1 isn't.

- Bimorgameslikwincamandertoo
- thisisalinofgenericfonetics
- uwilluvthesekretmissensframjahnandstev
- onleasuperpilotlikmarccanwinthismissinhaha

These are probably well known lines which characters mostly say with mouths in The Secret Missions instead of thorough phonetics seen in Vega Campaign. However, anyone with keen eyes may find out that it works differently in Goddard 1. Apparently, It's the only mission with non-generic phonetics in the series. Still, it turns out that they do not match with the written script we see in-game after all, so I decided to interpret the bar, briefing and debriefing conversations by editing BRIEFING.001 with WCToolbox and make a video to show how it turned out. Many thanks to @Shades2585's WCPhonetics for a reference.


Since this is only my interpretation, it may not be 100% accurate. If you're interested, check out below and guess what Bossman's saying. Also, you can easily notice that these lip sync works are incomplete, as some of them are completely out of context - like Bluehair's self-compliment on bagging Lumbari, or the usual WC2 ads.

Talk to Bossman
Dialog 0: | dipstik3havyuhardabuttenuvanturklaskarvats
Dialog 1: | saladlitlbots5atmankru3gudarmamantsadamar
Dialog 2: Iceman | yuvalwasbentufandavtosslugisamardwagans
Dialog 3: | yas3ahavtesafaksunfarstayigalav$50
Dialog 4: Bluehair | Bimorgameslikwincamandertoo
Dialog 5: | yas3ahavtesafaksunfarstayigalav$50
Dialog 6: | bat3no3adnavartrasfaravartutewagans
Dialog 7: | atswunmanfatarsfarme3altewatuteed
Dialog 8: Iceman | yuvalwasbentufandavtosslugisamardwagans

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
"Solid little bots." is probably "Solid little boats."

"But, no, and never transfer ever to the wagons." is probably "But, no, I'd never transfer over to the wagons."