Wing Commander Galactic Conflict: You are in Command.


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Wing Commander Galactic Conflict, an RPG set right after the events of Wing Commander Secret Missions 2, is now advertising for new simmers at our boards at the forums.. In order to give you anwsers to how this RPG is run, here are some FAQ's.

What is WCGC?

WCGC stands for Wing Commander : Galactic Conflict. This is a Role-playing game set in the Wing Commander Universe at the height of the Terran/Kilrathi war. More information about the Wing Commander Universe can be found at the CIC.

I've never played on a Forum before, does this matter?

No it doesn't. The nature of Role-playing with other parties means that it may be difficult to schelude times when all the players can meet to play. Playing on the forums allows players to contribute whenever they have time, rather then when is most convient for someone else.

However, there is an entire Forum devoted to you, the Orientation Forum, which contains several threads to help you get started, as well as a place for you to ask all the questions in the world.

How is Galactic Conflict differant from other Wing Commander Role-playing Games?

WCGC is set more on the Command side of the Wing Commander Universe. Rather then play as an individual fighter pilot or a marine, or any derivitive thereof, you play as a Commander of either a Task Force, Ship, or Fleet in the Wing Commander Universe, helping to fight the war. It is set in 2656, right after the destruction of the TCS Tiger's Claw. With this sim, you can forge your own telling of the Wing Commander storyline. There are no fan ships or factions here, everything is strictly canon.

What's up with the Confederation Commander?

The Confederation is the primary faction being played in the Game right now. Previous experiances have shown us that when everyone tries to lead, nothing turns out well. This is true in war as well as in Role-playing games.

While you are afforded the freedom of deciding how to carry out your orders, you're not afforded the choice of obeying them or not [If you want to advance in the game that is, we won't just kick you out]. It is necessary to RP this as close to the military as possible to ensure that the RP runs smoothly. However, we aren't overbearing and we won't breath down your neck while you play. THe Commander simply gives mission objectives for the player to complete. You are asked to do everything in the game, and you are voluntarily agreeing to abide by those requests when you join.

You have three options availible to you as a player:

Confederation Command: You play an Admiral or Senior Captain in charge of a sector or task force. Your objective is to engage enemy fleets in other systems and gain more territory for the Confederation.

Ship Commander: You play an individual Captain in charge of one or a few ships. Your missions are more specailized and you normally have more precise mission objectives. This is a good option for those players who don't want to worry about managing a whole fleet.

Privateer: You play an individual privateer in any of the sectors that can either work for the Confederation or freelance.

The whole sim is run by the GM, known as the Confederation Commander. He sets mission objectives for our players to carry out. Another GM plays as the Kilrathi against you. Depending on how well you accomplish your objective, you are rewarded or promoted at the end of an assignment.

Just email me at in you wish to join. I handle recruitment, though I'm just another player.

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There's some posts to read now to give you an idea of what the RPG is and how it's going to be run. Also, you can head straight to our forums to register:

But you should read the Orientation threads before you do so you can better understand what role you want to fit into and what kind of name you should register.

At any rate, I'm the unofficially leader of the RPG for the moment, until someone official gets into it again. You can PM me here at CIC or through the WCGC forums, I'll respond to either one with answers to questions.

This RPG is going somewhere this time, as opposed to times in the past when we've linked to nice empty forums with no explanations.

We've got a plan, and a direction, something pretty to look at and to read, all we needs now is the players.


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Attention prospective commanders! For information regarding known intelligence and deployments, please visit the main website at Its still under construction and some parts haven't been finished yet.

There are still a few more task force command positions open for the opening phase of the Enigma campaign. Two minor fleet actions have already taken place. Task Force 60.40 with TCS Defiant CV-21 as flagship engaged and destroyed a Ralatha class destroyer in the Bradbury system. Task Force 61.55 with TCS Ark Royal CV-28 in command secured the lightly defended Zelanzny system for their push into Racene.

Task Force 60.50 with TCS Invincible CV-23 in charge left dock and is in transit to the Ghorah Kar system to assist securing it for construction of a new starbase.

If you want to apply for one of these task forces, please go to and request command of one of the remaining taskforces. The details on them are located in the 'The Front Lines' subforum.

Space Powo

Roleplaying sounds very interesting but I must say that..

I suck real hard at all those pen and paper role playing games.


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Don't worry - this isn't like those at all. If you've ever played Homeworld this equates to something similar. It plays a bit like chess if you catch my drift. And there's no resourcing involved at all.

Plus we have some sims running to help introduce new players - in fact, we just announced a new one today!

At any rate our small RP base is always happy to help people learn the game - as am I, I'd be happy to walk you step by step through your first engagement (this offer is open to anyone who asks) and provide you with a number of tactical options to help you learn the game.

You just have to head to our Forums and register so we can get you assigned. =P

If you can be creative and think about how to logically use a small fleet to defeat your enemy or accomplish an objective then your exactly the sort of player we want - regardless of experiance with pen and paper games.


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Just to update everyone, this RPG has moved servers and has been renamed "WC Against All Odds". So if you were interested in that one, check out "Against all odds". You will have to re-register though if you registered for "Galactic Conflict".